Story – How We Affect It

On the way home from a conference, Becca and I talked for a while about some of our closest friends and why we care about them so much. We are blessed to have people in our lives who have walked with us through moments of severe difficulty, helping us get through the mud of life. And hopefully, we’ve done the same for them during there tougher times.
Becca is a great judge of character. She is honest, yet fair with everyone she meets. She’s not going to say, “I don’t like them” without just cause. She is great that way. She always opens the book as opposed to simply looking at the cover. She reminds me that everyone has a story that contributes to who they are at that exact moment. The person who is rude at one point may in fact have a reason that goes beyond what we can see or understand. As a leader, it helps to remember that. Everyone has a story. As a husband, I have to remember that Becca’s story lines up to make her react to specific things that I may do and not find to be a big deal. As a dad, I am contributing to Eliana’s story, for better or worse. SCARY! As a guy who is rude to a random stranger who bump into me or cause me to wait for my tall latte, I’ve contributed to their story…with every word we are contributing editors to everyone we know…

So how are you contributing to the stories around you? Are you a footnote/endnote? Bad chapter? Recurring character? Are you even NAMED? I want my life to leave a lasting impact on everyone I meet, not for my own ego but to be a positive move forward as opposed to a move back. Hopefully we all do…

Check this video out of a kid who wrote a great story:


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