The Result of Honest Sacrifice

This morning I woke up with a severe pain in my left arm, a reminder of the choice I made to get my h1n1 shot. I’m still not excited about the fact that I got it (I never get the flu shot either) but it was about Eliana more than me. I took the shot to make sure she wouldn’t get sick (she got hers too and took it like a champ, while adults were crying).
I would do anything to protect my family, from taking a shot, to pulling a secret service and literally taking a shot. I love them more than anything in the world. Last night, I took Ellie to visit our good friends, Keith and Sharon Preston, who are the perfect example to me of love and devotion.
Keith and Sharon have been married since their early 20s and are older than that now (this isn’t a gossip site so you won’t know their age!) with kids and grandkids. Keith would do anything for his Sharon and vise-versa. It’s so fun hanging with them and seeing them interact with each other and our daughter. My goal in life is to be that couple to someone else when we get older and that only comes from sacrifice, from putting Becca and Ellie ahead of myself.
So this morning, I welcome the pain in my arm and the realization that Becca took all the covers while I slept…it’s all for her anyways:)
Thanks God for reminding me today that love can’t function outside of sacrifice.


3 thoughts on “The Result of Honest Sacrifice

  1. The title caught my attention. I clicked to read. Read it and thought “I love that last line! (and the comment about Becca taking the covers!)” Anyway, couldn’t find where to comment (I’m not all that blog-savy). Found it, only to feel cheated because my husband beat me to the same thought by a whole week… almost as bad as taking all the covers!

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