Worship Thought

Last week, a buddy of mine sent me this video of a youth movement in the states engaged in a worship set. It was quite eye opening to say the least bit. So I’m posting it here on my blog for you to observe (it’s 10 mins long) and comment on. Some will be offended. Some will think this is where we need to be going. Others may be on the fence. Here it is:

Let me say this: Obviously, this church/movement was fine with it because they taped it and put it online. They have no problem with it theology-wise, music-wise, even if they seem to not BE wise. Are we overreacting? Should WE look like this? I’ll save my opinion for a later date (those of you who know me know what I would say/think). Hopefully we’re all able to simply learn something from our friends down south, regardless of how we feel.

I plan to actually write a new blog sometime this week.


4 thoughts on “Worship Thought

  1. I have seen this video before, and as much as i can bet you know what i thought when i saw it. I have also seen us do some pretty “weird” things at our conventions to to get the message across, that may not line up completely biblically. We just dont put it on youtube. hahaha. I hope this makes sense without being judgemental to either party 🙂

  2. Yeah that was pretty bad. I wouldn’t call it worship though. Asking Jesus to spin you ’round and telling folks to throw their hands up and “wave them like they just don’t care” isn’t actually saying anything about God, so it’s not worship. It was a concert, and a bad one at at that. I think it was Shane Claiborne who said stuff like this is “spiritual masturbation,” because, “it feels good but produces nothing.”

    On another note, who told the singer that was a good idea for a hair cut?!!

  3. “Its their hearts that matter.”

    Really? All that matters is someones heart? The scriptures say that we ought to worship in spirit and in truth. Truth. So it’s not just about the heart. Are you suggesting that someone could worship an idol as long as their heart is sincere?

    “Are they worshiping God themselves or not?”

    I would suggest not.

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