More worship stuff

So today, a friend sent me this funny video regarding worship…I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.  If you’ve seen it before, join in and see it again!

Things to note: How much of this stuff that the ‘narrator’ sarcastically mentions is actually ‘taught’ in various settings? Is this what is it like in most ‘suburban’ (a.k.a. predominantly caucasian) churches with regards to dance? How do you feel about the comments on sincerity and facial expressions?

Here it is…

Look for a full on blog later this weekend.


2 thoughts on “More worship stuff

  1. That was hilarious!
    And I think what makes it funny is how it is put as a teaching video. These are all things that come “naturally” (or you can argue “learned” by what the norm is in the church you are at…hmmm 😉
    It’s like the youtube video, “how to give a proper a man hug” or something like that. That too is hilarious.
    I think this is neat because it can be a “what not to think about during worship” illustration or also a “what we often think about during worship” illustration. It points out how silly it is to do things in a formulaic way.

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