I love your baby…

If you’re a parent, especially if you a new one, you’ve probably walked though a mall/restaurant/church/school/anywhere where there are people and heard these words:

‘Oh my goodness, I love your baby! He/She is sooo adorable. Oh it’s a he/she? They are perfect!’

For some you hear much more embelished words of praise and beauty. Other have heard short awwwhhs, meaning…well, I’ll leave that to your own interpretation 🙂 Either way, it’s nice to hear something nice, right? Especially if it’s about the ‘fruit of your loins’ (I’ve always wanted to type that!).  Becca and I are always taken aback by the kind words used about Eliana (pronounced EL-EEE-AHhh-Nah) whereever we go, but especially where we attend and serve at church.

Church people, especially older ladies, don’t only say that a baby is cute/lovely/handsome/pretty, etc. They also take time to talk about the child’s future, some even stopping you in the middle of the hallway to pray over them. It’s sweet and awkward all at the same time :). When I was born, people said, “He looks like he’s going to be a handful’…that was it. No prayers,  no encouragement, nothing. I wonder if that’s why I got into what I got into growing up. I mean, I’m not trying to read into that crap but words have some…effect (?) on us, no matter how old we are. So if that’s the case, i’m excited to see how Eliana turns out because everything has been about being awesome, being great and being a good woman…no rebels, here:)

My thoughts are there because a while I go, I was reading my Bible (I DO do that sometimes) and I came across the story in Luke 2 where Joseph and Mary bring Jesus to the temple to be dedicated. While there, two seniors, Simeon and Anna are there. One is a widow who fasted and prayed there all the time and the other was told that he wouldn’t die until his eyes saw the Messiah. Well, on that faithful day, they did and boy did they ever get excited! And listen to some of the words used by both Simeon and Anna:

‘…my eyes have seen your salvation…a light, a revelation…a glory…’

‘this child is destined…the hearts of many will be revealed…’

That’s big stuff. I know what it’s like to be me hearing people say nice things about my daughter but imagine being Mary and Joseph hearing about how their little guy was going to save the world. That must have been huge and scary for them. Before his 9th day on earth, people were hearing about their child. Before twitter and skype and junk, people knew…imagine what was going through their heads and hearts? If you’re a parent/soon-to-be parent or something to that effect, you want the best for your kid(s), right? Take time to speak over them. Not in a mystic sort of way and not in a name it and claim it way either. Just speak encouragment and blessing, hope and faith over them and smile hard when the next person want to talk about how cute their hair clip is.

It’s not in every blog that I’ll go all scriptury on people but I thought that out of Christmas, this one played well.

Happy new year everyone!


2 thoughts on “I love your baby…

  1. Agreed Chris! Good words…It always freaked me and Ted out when people would make excessive comments about our kids looks. Someone told me the other day that Elise looked like a young Halle Berry and while this is flattering, it’s, as you said, awkward. The Bible talks so much about what comes out of our mouths and how crucial it is to speak life and not death. This definitely holds true for our children. “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” Happy New Year chase!

  2. I forgot to comment on this one…. I was going to remind you about what the Prestons said when we told them we were having a baby! Remember? They told us to start speaking blessings over her even while she was growing inside me. That was a good day. Even though you were emotional.

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