Let’s Here It For The Boys…

“Some say, boys on the side. Well, I say…Let’s here it for the boys” – Michael Scott

Michael Scott says this line after reflecting on a great night out  in Manhattan with his ‘boys’, Ryan, Dwight and some short other guy.  Of course he’s using the line from a cheesy Drew Barrymore/Whoppi Goldberg film and a song from the Footloose soundtrack, none of which ACTUALLY make sense with his thought but the sentiment remains the same: sometimes, it’s about hanging with the dudes.

Growing up, this was never an issue. I can remember spending so many summer days and evenings playing baseball, football and basketball with the guys…even some street hockey from time to time. Our moms would have juice and snacks for us after it was all done or if we wanted to take a break and our dads would sit on the steps of our houses and watch us ‘excel’ at sports. Many of you guys and girls know what I’m talking about. The days of bike rides, fishing, sports, trading cards and swings. As you get older, the bike rides get replaced with trips to the mall, movies and simply sitting around in each others houses. Friendship groups get smaller and small and the trips get lined up with jobs, homework and lifelong hobbies. Then you meet that someone and your time gets divided with them and then the rest of the world. Then, if you’re like me, you get married and start a family and then time gets even more divided. It’s not a bad thing…it’s just life, right (nod and say amen, if you know what I mean).

So this weekend was a real treat. One of my close friends at APC got 4 tickets to the Buffalo Bills game and because I had the Sunday off, I went. It was cold, it was snowy, it was American and it was so much fun! And the main reason why is because of the company I was with. The guys were loads of fun as we dealt with the elements (wind, snow, crazy cold temperatures, etc.) and the crowds together in our snowpants, scarves and heat packs.  We cheered lots, ate wings and talked about guy stuff (aka our kids). We snuck closer to the field together and watched as someone got arrested together. Then we reminisced on the day over some Buffalo Wings (“…hey, remember when that guy got arrested…? That was awesome…” ).

Hanging with the guys reminded me of those days as a kid, a whole posse of dudes just looking for a park to throw a ball in. Not worrying about anything expect for getting enough fun in before supper time. Laughing about everything while keeping one another’s back. Good friends keep you sharp, honest, real and grounded. They call you out and call you in. They are what you need and on that Sunday, what I needed. Hanging with those guys and with close friends in general make me (and hopefully make you) a better person.  For me, I left a better husband and dad and stronger against american weather. My mom always said, you’re as good as the people you hang with…I’m glad for the people I have around me. to lift up my arms during battle and inspire me to grow and be better..and hopefully people feel the same about me.

And about you.


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