this is a little one…

One morning last week as I was leaving to get into the office when Eliana crawled up to me and grabbed my leg. She pulled herself up and just hung on, looking at me with the classic “Why do you want to leave me” face. Heartbroken, I picked her up and walked around with her for a few seconds. When I tried to put her down she whined and arched her back, so I picked her back up. This went on for about 10-15 mins. Finally Becca took her and I started down the stairs, but not before looking back and seeing Ellie crawl to the stairs banister, pull herself up and say ‘dada…dada…’. So I stood there again for 5 mins…until Becca picked her back up and waved along with her.

Saddest yet most moving moment ever. How she, a 10 month old knew that my jacket meant I was going, I don’t know BUT seeing that motivates me to be a better husband, father and friend. I’m not great at them all the time but you can’t help but want to strive a bit more…and to think, God loves you and I more than I love my kid…insane.

Any parents out there with similar cool stories about your kids? Or if you’re an uncle/aunt/part-time baby sitter? Share them!


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