I am a huge fan of the TV phenomenon known as LOST. I’m one of those junkies who reads every article about it, rewatches episodes for lost clues and ideas and has indepth convos with fellow Losties over coffee about where the story is going.

The reason why I love the show…or I should say, ONE of the reasons is it’s love for story. Each person on the island has a story and for the past five years, we the viewer have been able to learn their back story, allowing us to feel connected to them (so much so that when a character turns wrong or even worse, dies, there is a touch of sadness that lingers for a while. Becca still hasn’t gotten over Charlie’s death and that was three years ago.) and to their next movements. As you learn their stories, you realize why a few episodes ago, someone responded to something miniscule like the world was ending or why another character has an alias. We the viewer get an inside glimpse into someone’s reason for existence and it draws us in week by week. That’s why American Idol does those little back stories. Sometimes it’s to prepare us for a train wreck (…looking like a FOOL with your pants on the ground), but most times it’s to pull us and cause us to root for an underdog who may in fact, win it all. We’ll watch because we know “The Guy who Is Going Back To Iraq doesn’t want to leave his blind son and talking dog is singing Hello by Lionel Richie” and even though he’s not that good, we’ll cheer anyhow. It’s the pull and power of story.

I love meeting new people but even more so, I love getting to KNOW them (Those 25 Random things were great in its heyday…back in 2009.) and hearing their story. Story is what connects us, binds us and confronts us. Story allows us to illustrate life in a way that everyone gets. Story helps us rally, helps us survive and encourages others. The moment someone hears that you’ve dealt with something that they are, that person feels a bit more secure that everything will be okay, that they might make it too. I think that’s why no one likes shallow people…you know, people who live for the surface…but man, if they were to share that tale of how they got there, how much more sense would they make.

Close friends of mine would know that growing up, I didn’t have the best father-son relationship. I didn’t get Mr. Collin Carson Chase and I’m sure he didn’t get me. All through my teens, I was a thorn in his side through rebelling and anger. It was only until a visit to Barbados and a conversation with my Granny where my dad began to make sense. I learned his story, something I was too bitter to ask him for, and discovered why he was the way he was. It clicked, we clicked and he is my best friend. Not to say we don’t have our moments but I know his love for me is real and that’s cool. It was out of his story that I learned WHO is was…and WHY he was.

So! What’s your story? You do have one…it may not be a ‘page turner’ but you have one and people want to know it. As you share yours, someone will share theirs with you. The world is connected by story. Hopefully these little posts are opening you up to mine and challenging you on sharing your own. And if you’re a parent, remember that you are shaping your kid’s story too!

Here’s a cool quote I heard in a team training meeting last week: Joy comes from enabling peoples stories to be heard at the same time.

Cool eh? And now to prepare for 18 more LOST stories…


2 thoughts on “Story

  1. This is one of my favourites so far… Probably because you mention Lost. But you should put *spoiler alert* on the top cause you totally gave away that Charlies dies!!!

    And I love you.

  2. Enjoyed reading this post 🙂

    Funny thing is, whenever asked about my story…I always end up telling the story of Jeff & I and the trials we’ve been through that has gotten us this far. I’m a bit hesitant to tell ‘my’ story I think, because there were many ‘not too proud/shameful’ moments.

    Anyway, i started to watch Lost a while back, but couldn’t get into it. Maybe I’ll try again. 🙂

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