Leaving Something Behind

I am 28 years old.
I still have a lot of life to live, pending i don’t have an early death or something ‘too soon-type’ tragic.
I turn 29 in a few weeks.
I have lived in 4 cities, travelled lots, done lots. Made major mistakes. Made some great decisions.
I should be thinking about other things. Yet this week, I’ve found myself thinking about ‘Legacy’ and how our lives will count.

Maybe it’s because Gladiator was playing on TV on Family Day and Maximus’s signature line of what we do in life echoes in eternity (I personally like the line ‘Are you not entertained?’ better…it should be on a T-Shirt.) has rattled my brain. Maybe it’s the glow of Olympic gold and how for many of these winners, they will be remembered for their feats of excellence that’s done it (shout-outs to Bilodeau…he’ll be up there for life now.). I dunno. I know God tells me to not worry about tomorrow…so I don’t worry. However, I do think a lot. What will people remember of me…of my close friends…of my grad class or workmates…will we fade into the books (which is okay) or will it be more? What will I leave behind? Hopefully I’m not like Chip, the old grandfather from Talladega Nights who, according to Ricky Bobby, only produced a hot daughter. Hopefully there’s more to me than that:)

Things like YouTube now capture moments in time forever, pending you don’t use a copy written song). And while many of these things are dumb and funny, every so often you’ll find something that makes you say, “God, I want to leave something like this behind…” Check this out and hopefully be inspired to leave something great behind, big or small.


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