Sometimes Christians Try to Hard…

Hey, check out this video a buddy of mine sent me. I watched it and couldn’t believe what I was watching.

One one hand, it takes major guts to do something like that and put it online, knowning that skeptical jerks (please note that I’ve called myself a jerk here) like myself will see it and tear it apart.  So kudos to them. On the other hand, what were they thinking?…It’s just sad…like really.

See it for yourself:

Maybe I’m being too harsh…or not enough. It makes me think that we need to reevaluate what we produce and ship out knowing that people will judge us primary on what they see, not what we do and who we are (EVEN though it’s supposed to be the other way around). I can’t questions someone’s heart and I never will (plus that guy is a decent dancer, albeit while wearing a suit and weird hair) so good for them, right??

But I gotta wonder, did they get together and say, “You know what would be cool…”

Plus, I did my share of singing in Christian variety shows (eeeeeeeek!) and would not pain anyone to watch them:)

So what are you thoughts? Am I being cruel? Mean Spirited? They DID put it on YouTube so they think it’s great and open for discussion…how should churches deal with musical trends and outreach? Would you have them do something like this in your church? or your own people? If you’re NOT a church goer, would something like this attract you or make you run for the doors? What would be more accessable?

P.S. – If you go on the actual YouTube site and watch this video again, read what someone wrote right under the vid…is that justified? Not?

Missed a week…sucks

So I’m a big LOST fan. Huge.

Since December of 2004, Becca and I have not missed a single episode. We’ve hosted season premiere parties, season finale parties, read spoilers care of Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly think about often when I have spare moment to try to figure out the little and big mysteries. By now, even if you hate the show, you know the basic premise: people on a plane crash on an island – chaos, mystery, intrigue and discovery ensure. The main question asked is: is this destiny in our being here or is this all chance and happenstance?

I write that because in the last episode, there was a great exchange between two characters dealing with the idea of destiny and fate. One of the secondary characters who came to the island later on in the story mentioned that he was supposed to be the original pilot on the doomed Oceanic 815 flight but slept in and missed it, therefore missing the crash and what came with it. The character with whom he shared this info responded with this: “well it didn’t matter cause the island still got you here.” So in some senses, it was chance and in others it was destiny…what the heck am I getting at, you wondering…?

I think, like Forrest Gump talking to Jenny’s grave, that life is a mix of us floating accidental-like on a breeze (choice and circumstance) and destiny (God’s ultimate will for us). There are some things that we choose thinking we’re in control and only later on when we meet Him, we’ll learn that it was his leading all along, his plan and protection. We’ll learn that there was a reason for better or worse that the alarm didn’t or did go off, that the baby was born on a Wednesday…I dare you to look back on your life and not see the fingerprints of someOne bigger and wiser, who has set things in a way to make you who you are now.

Or maybe I just need a new TV show.

Either way, I’m encouraged to know that I’m not being dragged left and right but at the same time, every decision is being weighed out by what is right and best and not on what is wanted and right now. And looking at my life, He would have got me eventually. And look at what I’ve got…a new year, beautiful family, great job, friends and a busted but drivable Civic.

And a great Tuesday night pastime of Lost at 9 PM.

Check out this song called So Damn Lucky (sorry for the D word…he named it) by the Dave Matthews Band, that talks about this theme of destiny.