Sometimes Christians Try to Hard…

Hey, check out this video a buddy of mine sent me. I watched it and couldn’t believe what I was watching.

One one hand, it takes major guts to do something like that and put it online, knowning that skeptical jerks (please note that I’ve called myself a jerk here) like myself will see it and tear it apart.  So kudos to them. On the other hand, what were they thinking?…It’s just sad…like really.

See it for yourself:

Maybe I’m being too harsh…or not enough. It makes me think that we need to reevaluate what we produce and ship out knowing that people will judge us primary on what they see, not what we do and who we are (EVEN though it’s supposed to be the other way around). I can’t questions someone’s heart and I never will (plus that guy is a decent dancer, albeit while wearing a suit and weird hair) so good for them, right??

But I gotta wonder, did they get together and say, “You know what would be cool…”

Plus, I did my share of singing in Christian variety shows (eeeeeeeek!) and would not pain anyone to watch them:)

So what are you thoughts? Am I being cruel? Mean Spirited? They DID put it on YouTube so they think it’s great and open for discussion…how should churches deal with musical trends and outreach? Would you have them do something like this in your church? or your own people? If you’re NOT a church goer, would something like this attract you or make you run for the doors? What would be more accessable?

P.S. – If you go on the actual YouTube site and watch this video again, read what someone wrote right under the vid…is that justified? Not?


12 thoughts on “Sometimes Christians Try to Hard…

  1. Well Pastor Chris, my Godmother who has been a devout Christian for almost all her life, would tear apart Christian Hip Hop. She would probably be appalled and say “how could they.” Whether or not these people’s hearts are in the right place is not for us to judge, as you know. I bet my aunt would like this video. I personally can’t stand some of the gospel music she listens to. Makes me want to lie down and go to sleep. Assuming these people are reaching out, to a target audience who has possibly not been touched. The video has a theatrical mood, and if it was done by children I think even you would like it.

  2. Personally, I felt that the dancing left much to be desired. What I wonder though is, ‘who was their intended audience?’ and did they reach them? Perhaps they did and people were blessed??

    I was so distracted by the dancing and so I didn’t hear the message behind it, but like you said, I would never question the heart behind such a thing, just whether they reached those they were trying to touch.


  3. Our ability accuratley critique this video comes all in context, which we cannot get from watching the video. So how can we accuratley comment? To understand this performance we need to know if it was on a Sunday morning, as in a regular service, or if this was a talent night or some sort of performance event.
    If it was a Sunday morning service, than its a problem.
    If it’s a performance for a talent event, well than they should have just not gone up.
    It’s easy to be critical of things when we don’t know the full story. Let’s be careful of how we react to something that we only really know part of.

  4. I kinda agree with the last comment – as in we too easily judge a lot of times. If this was a musical or some show the church was putting on (and it was set in the 80’s) it’d be totally appropriate. Cheesy dance moves, cheesy lyrics, the set etc.
    But it’s true, we don’t know the context. However,I must admit, my first thought was WOW. And then CHEESY. And then just embarrassing.
    They actually sound like a cult…they don’t believe Jesus is God or that Jesus existed before His birth…so….they are a little whack.

  5. When I watched this my reaction was . . . “what planet is this from” – sure I don’t know the context, but there definitely is a weird mixture going on. Intuitively something seemed off – and more than just a high corny factor. (ie. it’s fairly polished but it’s not really even music . . . it’s like a bad jingle for a commercial . . . or unmusical teachers trying to turn their lesson into a song) And as Beka pointed out – they are outside the bounds of orthodox Christianity.

    We shouldn’t be judgmental in self-righteous ways, but that doesn’t mean we should never use our judgment, and . . . make judgments. Maybe we need to reign in our reactions to stuff that sucks, but sometimes intuition shouldn’t be ignored, because sometimes things stink for a reason.

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