1 year ago

March 25th, 2010 - A Star is Born

On March 25th, 2010, our friends Gonzo and Kathy welcomed a new baby boy named Joaquin Hugo Jimenez into the world, joining their daughter Sofia. It was doubly cool because a year and 20 mins earlier, Eliana Dorothy Chase was born. What a difference a year makes. I thought back on how little the girl was (she was REALLY tiny) and how dependent she was on Becca and I. Sleepless nights, clothes changed due to spit up (that being said, i’d rather have milky spit up than big girl vomit any day…), newborn diapers, learning how to swaddle,and lots of imagining what a year from then would look like.

My how things have changed…clothes are bigger, attitudes are formed, milestones met (all on video too!), car seats changed, lots of hair (still only two teeth but that’ll change), more toys, more smarts, more Ellie! I think on how I’ve changed… and how she’s changed me. And I couldn’t think of her not being here. So it was super cool to hear and see close friends start that journey (albeit for the 2nd time) on the same day as us!

This past Good Friday, I had the privilage of standing next to Kathy and Joaquin with Ellie in my arms. We chatted for a few as people left the service (I, as always, said something awkward to someone, causing Kathy to bust a gut. Happy fail!) and I couldn’t help but think about how a year when by like THAT and how Becca and I have been better for it.

Happy Birthday, chick…and remember to save money for Joaquin’s 1st birthday:)

Still Shinnin' A Year Later - March 25th, 2010


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