Past invades the present…

Today I was at Starbucks when this lady walked in. Now I don’t know this lady…but I remember her very clearly.

A few months ago I was at this same Starbucks when she came in. She was behind me in line while I was making my order and chatting with the staff, something that we’ve done lots (So much so that I got a free coffee today, even though I shouldn’t have). Well this lady was NOT happy. And by not happy I mean full-on ghetto-curseword-hand-snap-neck-snap not happy, which was funny to see come out of a small white lady with a lip ring.

She wasn’t mad at me though (lucky for her!!!) but took a strip off of the girl at the cash, telling her that she would amount to nothing, that no one would like her or go for her, that she was a waste…all the things a mom would lovingly tell their newborn. And the girl just took it like a champ. She was deflated but took it. It was so bad that everyone who was working or waiting stopped whatever they were doing and listened in. You should have seen the kid’s face…so sad, so embarrassed. The lady then cursed her way out, reminding everyone about the ‘better’ Starbucks down the road and how she would never return to my third home.

Well, she lied cause today she was back. I saw her first then pointed her out to the others (such a drama stirrer I can be). My eyes grew bigger than that lady on Glee with the red hair. I got nervous because EVERYONE who was working then was back (world were colliding!) working today. The lady, i guess, forgot about what happened and talked to the same girl, asked for a coffee and left. While she was making her coffee to the perfect amount of “Gonna hate on someone” taste, I kept looking at the staff with a classic “can you believe it” face. Needless to say, she didn’t do anything wrong…besides wear pyjamas outside at 11 AM (If you’re a reader and do that normally, question: Why?) but it was funny how you could see the fear and sadness from that day creep back into every face and action.

The past teaches us for our present. Never fear it. Don’t look at it with a deer in the headlights face. Just sit in the front  the Starbucks and get ready to tell it off, then take her coffee and run.

That was my plan. Didn’t happen.

One day, I’m getting my Season 5 Jack Bauer on…


One thought on “Past invades the present…

  1. Ha. Great story, though I heard it in the hallway of church with some good Chris Chase actions to go with it. I remember being a chasier in highschool and dealing with people like that. As Christians, what should our repsonse be? To be a positive light in that cashiers world everyday that we are there.

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