I Hate The Zoo

I hate the zoo.

Yes, I said it. And now I’ll repeat it.

I. Hate. The. Zoo.

I hate it for a number of reasons. One – Planet Earth. Have you SEEN that thing on Blu-Ray? That is crazy. I can’t go to a zoo and see a gazelle get eaten by a lion. But from my home, on MY couch I can enjoy God’s creation, put it on PAUSE, go to get a snack and then come back.

Two – Laziness. The zoo in Toronto is soooo long. And it has deep hills. And did I mention that I’m lazy? If I can’t drive it, I ain’t doin’ it!

Three – I don’t like sandwiches. Now you’re thinking, “what does that have to do with the zoo, Chase???” Well, the zoo food is expensive. Like ‘Sorry Ellie, mum and I can’t afford college for you’ expensive. So I’d have to bring a sandwich. And my ‘wiches never taste good. Too much mayo, too little meat. Urgh!

But my main reason is this: a few years back, Becca and I took her sisters kids to the zoo. On our own dime and we didn’t have much coin. They were old enough to appreciate it. They should have been marveled by the greatness and uniqueness of each creature that was on display.
They were pumped over a squirrel in a tree. Yah! I know, right! They see them all the time! They were also ‘captured’ by a deer that was running BEHIND the zoo. They used to live up north. They done seeeen some deer before. They didn’t care about the hippo, or the polar bear or cheetahs. They care about deer and squirrels. 75 bucks…

Now, I should have said, ‘well…it’s about the TIME spent, NOT the MONEY spent.’ Well…I’m not that good of a person:). And ever since then, I’ve hated the zoo. I’ve found it to be a waste of time and a reminder of a long, coin-evaporating day.

Now. My wife on the other hand LOVES the zoo. LOVES and wants to go there all the time. And for 3 years I always found a way to turn her down. Until she told me that she wanted our 1 year old to experience it (though I knew she wanted it more). And I realized how selfish I had been for soo long and how that bad experience ruined what could have been some great bonding times with her.

So…we went to the zoo. And as I thought, Ellie didn’t care at all (she did like the big fish though) but that wasn’t the point. The point was togetherness. Family. Love. And because I was with them, I had fun.

I still hate the zoo. But I love my family. And every so often, you gotta do what you hate to reach those you love.

Game, set, match for Becca Chase.

Anyone out there know what I mean?


6 thoughts on “I Hate The Zoo

  1. I feel you man.
    St Louis has one of the best Zoo’s in America and so I have been my fair share of times.
    And I am with you, the walking and Planet earth seem to ruin everything. Planet Earth in HD is amazing.
    And I am glad that you love your family enough to put aside your hate for animals and walking šŸ™‚

  2. Sorry my brotha but I don’t agree!!! Olivia and us llove going and taking other kids with us. Can I say zoo membership!!! That’s how much we love it. I think when Ellie turns 2 she will start to enjoy it!

  3. Dude totally know what you mean. I love the zoo but I also get stressed if we had spent the $21 per person and had only stayed 2 hours. Not happy. So, we bought a family membership to go for any length at a time and now I can just focus on the family time and NOT the money. šŸ™‚

  4. As a zoo employee, I totally disagree with this! Sure the zoo is expensive but it is also filled with good moments. Don’t be a hater! šŸ™‚

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