Some Pain is Worth It – The Orange Version

On night in March while I slept soundly, Becca woke me up with a shout and a nudge. ‘Baby’, she said, ‘my water broke.’ What transpired out of that was 12 hours of horrible contractions, crying, inability to sleep, yells for drugs, the realization of a backwards-facing baby and then finally, the birth of teeny-weeny Eliana Dorothy Chase.

(I should add this for clarification: Becca experienced all these things. Not me…I just held her hand, did what she told me and silently thanked God that men can’t give birth ;))

After the birth, there was the long recovery along with the adaptation to feeding, emotions and new found motherhood. A year and change later, Becca is still my hugest hero and she is an awesome mom. She showed me then and still does that out of pain, life can come and flourish. We also know that we’re in for some more pain as Ellie gets older (I mean she already has my personality, her mom’s sass, along with her own little attitude and gorgeous features…I am dead.) but out of those pains, her life will develop and hopefully follow God’s pattern.

Life out of pain.

This week, my team and I went to a conference in Hotlanta, GA where we learned about ourselves as individuals and as a team. The best thing we learned? That out of the pain of conflict, God can bring new life and truly tie a team together. I’ll explain.

During a meal moment together, I said the wrong thing (an ill-timed joke, which is a regularity. Fail.) and a deep, honest, & calmly heated conversation ensued.

But it didn’t get awkward. Instead, honesty flowed lovingly and humbly, feelings were expressed, apologies were made, forgiveness was chosen and friendship was declared. It was strangely beautiful. Out of conflict came a new desire for unity, honesty, respect and understanding.

Out of pain came life.

Kind of cool, I think.

Many of us fear conflict. Others love it because we love to push our weight and win stuff. Maybe…just maybe, we need to embrace conflict as normal and necessary for positive movement to transpire and for teamwork to become care and love.

There’s a guy who lived on earth once…the rumor is that he loves people so much that he faced their conflict and took on an illegal amount of pain so that they could have life…

If this rumor is true (and it is) I think that we need to face that pain and know that when dealt with as we’re commanded to, beautiful life (a baby, a friendship, a new-found purposed-filled team, etc) is born.

I like that.

What about you? Thoughts on conflict…do you like it? Hate it? Am I off? Out of context? Let me know!!


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