Another Funny Worship Vid – NBA Related…

My good friend Maria sent me this video that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

It’s theme is, ‘what if a worship service was like an NBA game.’


The Journey Was Worth It…

Last night at 11:30 PM, my favorite show Lost came to a satisfying conclusion. It was quite the event here at our house, filled with friends, food and no talking. For six seasons, I watched, learned, invested and enjoyed this show.  And now that it’s done, I want to mention a few key things that I’ve gained from it:

1 – The Value of Story: Good stories keep you guessing, keep your attention and get you to ask questions. They stretch your imagination, cause you to look internally and at the same time, entertain you. Great story does this. It goes beyond conventional thinking and gets you connected to characters. And a great story has you see yourself in the characters…kinda like that kid in “The Neverending Story”. LOST helped me as a story-teller to move beyond my own ideas and ideals and help people connect with what I’m trying to share. Think of a book you love or show you watch (be it Fringe, 24, Grey’s). You love it and come back to it because of story. And if you don’t have cable but read blogs online (because the internet is cable on ‘roids…), you come back to blogs because of…yes, the STORY. And please know this: if you have the internet, you DO have cable.

2 – The Value of Mystery: Why did this guy get off the island? Why did this happen? Who was that guy? Some things are better left unexplained. So often, we want to figure everything out but if we did, life would be boring. It’s in learning over time that makes life fun. As Christians, we don’t do much to embrace the mystery that is God. We read books, write sermons and produce podcast to figure out prayer, His will, why bad things happen to good people, etc. Maybe…JUST maybe, we’re not supposed to know. Maybe, we’re supposed to learn as we go along. I mean 12 guys spent all their time with Jesus and they were left with some mysteries too…and it didn’t seem to bother them. LOST taught me that some things won’t be shared and it’s the mystery that will bring me back to the STORY…to see something I may have missed the 1st time.

3 – The Value of Friendship: For the past 3 years, a group of us would get together to watch LOST together. We were already good friends prior to that but after our times of watching, we are much closer. This is due to the time spent, the discussions had and the memories made. I so appreciate our friends Ben, Rachel, Richard, Tracy, Jess and Steve (who joined us on the last go around), Taigan and, yes…even Matt for joining Becca and I, coming to our home and making it their and extending our family on those nights. To paraphrase Jack Shepherd it has been better to WATCH together than to WATCH alone. I love these people and value their effect in our lives.

LOST is over. But those points of story, mystery and friendship move on.

And I’m happy that I re-learned them watching this show.

Some things to ponder: What are some great stories you love? That keep you coming back again and again? What are some mysteries that you’re okay with not knowing? How have you shown your friends that you value them?

Project Haiti

Remember a few months back when the world was gripped by the cries of Haiti? Many of us, while still remembering, have gone back to our regular lives and the pressing needs in front of us. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just how life is, I guess.

Others have felt a burden so strong that it has truly changed their focus from themselves to that nation and their people.

One of those ‘Others’ is my sister-in-law Stacey Brown. She is a registered nurse with a big heart. After seeing the devastation in Haiti, she felt that her skills as a nurse could be used to help others. And so she raised money, got on a plane and for over a week, & gave a hand to the medical initiatives and endeavors that Haiti so desperately needed. I’m very proud to say that I know her and she played a role in bringing God’s kingdom agenda forward in Haiti.

Here’s a video she made out of her experience. I hope you enjoy the pics, the song and remember to pray for those all over the world who are dealing with tragedy of some kind.

Also, check out Shaun King, a pastor from Atlanta and his Haiti project called aHomeInHaiti, where you can help the Haitian people by buying them tents.

As people of God, we’re called to help and heal…let’s be reminded of that today.

Epic Fail Vault Vol. 2

If you know me at all, you know that I have a…tendancy to put my foot in my mouth. Not literally. I’m not that flexible. figuratively speaking. I have done my share of ‘I didn’t know that I said that and I’m sorry’ over the course of 29 years. More than most people should.

Now I have gotten much better at it. I have learned that I come across loud, obnoxious and more words like that when I first meet people so I have dialed ‘The Chase‘ back a bit, but still, there are moments when it doesn’t work.

Last week I began the opening of this vault and it was well received. So it’s only fitting that the vault-opening continues.

My most recent fail took place this past Sunday with my friend Karen Johnson. A bunch of us were talking about a worship service we were just in called Cathedral (Karen’s husband, Dr. Van was involved in it, as was I) and the choice of shirt colors we had chosen when Karen and I started our own convo:

Karen – “Van really should have worn a brighter shirt. Have you ever seen his green one?”

Chris – “Yeah…but I don’t care much for that one. I really like the-”

K – “I bought him the green one….”

C – (Silence)

K – “So I guess NOW you like the green shirt (with an obvious gotcha grin)!”

C – (with eyes to the ground) – “…yup…”

Fail…dang I suck. Any other stories like this?

P.S. – Thankfully, the Johnsons are great family friends who expect these fails from me. It’s another form of entertainment for them!

Swagger Wagon

My hope is to be THIS cool when I get a mini van. Shout outs to Jeff Hackett for sending me the vid.

I already know Becca can outrap this lady here lyrically and that Ellie has moves for days. Record contract, here we come (cue in obvious sarcasm…)

The whole thing is good but pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the 2:08 mark.

Plagiarized Christianity

Plagiarized Christianity.

I think a lot of us are guilty of this crime. we live this, breathe this…and we allow one another to  do this all the time.

In school, if you misquoted an author or didn’t give recognition when taking from them via end notes, footnotes or whatever, you lost. You failed. Blacklisted. Game over.

Yet, I wonder if many of us Christians don’t have our OWN relationships with Jesus. Instead, we have someone else’s…we have a blend of stuff. We copy what works with someone else and adapt to us. Instead of spending the time learning, we use the word ‘mentoring’ to Cole’s Notes or Cliff’s Notes our way to God’s heart, his will, etc. My friend on her twitter summed it up nicely…

…I think this happens a lot. I know I’ve plagiarized like this before. Nothing like the source, but I often compromise. *sigh*…

This isn’t a judgement call on her (I know her well and wouldn’t question her OWN devotion for a second) but her 140 characters sums up a lot of us…us being the Church.

Could it be that we’d be in for a surprise when we’re told, ‘I never knew you’ because we genuinely never did? Instead, we knew Jesus as a friend through a friends?

What scares me about this idea is that as I’ve copied, someone else might be copying me. Not just FOLLOWING me, but copying me…and you (if this is what you  have chosen to believe…)

Maybe our culture, even in the church lives for cutting corners instead of hard work…and the best relationships take work.

Maybe we’ve elevated Christian leaders and pastors as our ‘Jesuses’ and read about them as opposed to Jesus (And, we DO do this. We are suckers for celebrities).

Maybe we work harder at building leaders than people who know, love and follow Jesus.

Maybe this is another reason why so many people, especially 18 to 25s, leave their faith and the church.

Because it may never have theirs to begin with.

And when there’s no attachment...

Agree? Disagree? Am I being too harsh? Narrow minded? How do we balance this? If you’re a Christian leader or pastor, how do you teach ‘Follow me AS I…’ as opposed to ‘Follow me LIKE I…’

Let’s talk!

Epic Fail Vault Vol. 1

If you know me at all, you know that I have a…tendancy to put my foot in my mouth. Not literally. I’m not that flexible. figuratively speaking. I have done my share of ‘I didn’t know that I said that and I’m sorry’ over the course of 29 years. More than most people should.

Now I have gotten much better at it. I have learned that I come across loud, obnoxious and more words like that when I first meet people so I have dialed The Chase back a bit, but still, there are moments when it doesn’t work.

Hence moments like this, when I will open my vault and share with all 4 of you, my list of verbal epic fails. Hopefully, you’ll laugh and be willing to share your own as well. This one takes place when I was an RA in Bible College.

During our first main floor meeting, we dudes sat in a circle and introduced ourselves and where we were from. As we went through, one guy, named Jerry* said that he was a 3rd year from London, who did most of his courses online. I, being a foreigner (I’m from Quebec) was so excited to hear about his flight, which soccer club he rooted for and if he had tea.

My first words to him, after hearing his story, were: “dude, I love your accent…what’s England like?”

His response. In front of everyone. “I’m from London, Ontario. It’s not an accent. I have a speech impediment.”

Epic Fail.

More to come friends…leave a laugh if you want!

*name changed to protect the guy who I looked dumb in front of…