Caught Up in the Dance

My 13 month old loves to dance.

She always loved to move but now that she walks, when she hears music, she bounces and spins like a top. Her fingers point up and down like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever (minus the horrible accent – “auh GEEEEEZZZ“) and her smile is bright enough to light up a room. She doesn’t care who sees or if she dances alone. She doesn’t even care if she CAN dance. She feels it and gets down. She’s all caught up in it?

My goal is to help her keep that desire to dance…to live vibrantly without fear of me or you or us. That her joy, which can only attributed to the Creator, wouldn’t be shoved out by stresses, fears, materials and judgement. I mean, that’s what happened to us…or what IS happening, isn’t it?

Child-like wonder…lost in the dance…back in the garden…one day it’ll be so for all of us, where that true joy will return. The one that comes in blips when we look at our kids. Little nuggets of truth or rather of God’s kingdom inching one step closer.

Oh…gotta go, a new song is on and Ellie wants me to be her partner.

In the words of Arctic Monkeys, “Get on your dancing shoes…!!!”

A few questions for you to think about: When’s the last time you ‘danced’? When’s the last time you had a huge, tear-engaging laugh? When’s the last time you and I looked at something and didn’t see the ‘why nots’ but simply saw the ‘WOWS’? When do you think you lost your child-like wonder of the world? What would you give to get it back? If you still have it, how have you kept it?


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