So much to do

Last week, a few members of my team and I went to a conference in the states called The Orange Conference ( where we met lots of cool people, learned some new things and were encouraged to continue on the path that we were on (it’s pretty to not be super off sometimes…).

That being said, a mind cannot help but be filled with ideas, dreams and new goals after something as engaging as that. The main ideaa is to not drop what you were already doing cause someone else said to but to learn how to adapt things slowly and with wisdom. I know there are some things that need to advance quickly and some things will take time…

The surfer-rock group Smashmouth (Remember these guys and their soul patches? Somehow lots of youth pastors look like these guys DID…in the 90s…) in their song All-Star sing (or groan)…”so much to do, so much to see, so what’s wrong with taking the back streets…” The crazy thing about what I do is that it’s on the main street (valleys and peeks) where most of the learning happens. Plus, drugs are dealt on the back streets and I say no to drugs. Can’t take any short cuts.

Question worth responding to: What’s inspiring you this week?  If you could achieve ANYTHING this week, what would it be? What a cool lesson you’ve learn lately?


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