Me, DJ Lance Rock from Yo! Gabba Gabba…eeek!

This suit is....AWWWWESSOOOMMME!!

There are some things in life that really need explaining.

This is one of them.

Prize for whoever can come up with the best one-liner OR “what I might be thinking” as this pic is being taken. This is the only chance you’ll get to web diss me so have fun 🙂

If you need a reference point, check out

Have you ever done something that RIGHT away you felt dumb about? Let’s chat!


11 thoughts on “Me, DJ Lance Rock from Yo! Gabba Gabba…eeek!

  1. HAHAHA you’re probably grateful that you’re already married and this won’t be posted during your wedding reception!! haha but it maybe posted for your 80th birthday bash!!! 😉

    yooooo GABBA GABBBA!!! 😉

  2. What the Shiznak??? That is freakin’ sick! Lucy will be wanting to hug u all the time when we get up there in September (I’d hug ya without the costume)!

  3. I’m seeing someone behind the camera getting ready to give you your big boom box, and you’re just waiting to say “NOW LETS BREAK IT DOWN”


    Ok, I wore the suit, now give me my iPad!

  4. just watched the video and thought, “oh sweet Lord” – it’s early yet :p
    As for your one liner, calmly, “ok now, let’s give these kids what they’ve been waiting for!”

  5. “In other news, Ronald McDonald spent a day at the beach, and got an INCREDIBLE tan. Sadly his jumpsuit also felt the effects of the sun. McDonald’s Corp. could not be reached for comment on the new restaurant colour scheme.”

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