Predictable Church

My friend Beka Vieira (check out her blog) sent me this funny video produced by North Point Community Church’s media team. As you watch it, I wonder if you’d be willing to dialogue a bit on its subject matter.

Some questions: Is this what your church is like? Most churches? Why do you think that is? Is this (or rather THAT) a bad thing? A healthy thing? What do you think this “predictable church” is missing? Needing? When did church become this way…or THAT way? And…have you ever put blush on your bald head?

I hope that we can chat about it some. I’ll mention my thoughts later today.

Click  HERE to watch it.


4 thoughts on “Predictable Church

  1. I found this funny because it’s funny to laugh at things you “get” because you are involved in “church world.” The announcement guy was my fave!
    Also found it convicting.
    Also found it sad.
    Also don’t like seeing precise order of services…I think this is something a lot of churches are doing now to become more organized. But it becomes a performance where there are performers and spectators instead of people just gathering to connect to each other and God.

  2. That’s it! I am never starting off with a song that everyone knows. Nor am I ever using strings again. I. Feel. So. Guilty.

  3. You know my answer to this already…
    Bottom line is that this is not the Church I see in the New Testament. Where is the “Dancing Hand of God” or Manifestation of Spiritual gifts slot in? During the 5 minute slow song set? Or maybe somewhere in between the 10 minute welcome vistitors and offer a free mug if they give us their address and spam their inboxes with Church-related news.

    The offering comment was especially convicting. Its just you, God and the treasurer’s excel worksheet.

  4. Hahah that video is hilarious, it’s true man.. I had flashbacks of the Hillsong United concert last summer, Houston teaching people the new album. But what can you do? So it’s not perfect and there are times when church can be focused too much on crap that straight up doesn’t change your experience with God. Funky lights and electric guitars are sweet, I’m not complaining but whether they are there or not shouldn’t change how you worship. The words you sing whether you know or not are coming from down deep if you’re really worshipping, at least that’s how I feel about that situation.

    When it comes to church being predictable.. Man I have been to quite a few churches in the past year or two just to see what’s good, yeah they all held similar elements that were highlighted in the video but there were still people hungry for God. If people want to organize their services to a degree than that’s cool, but I agree with Mark on the time slot point. I think about some nights at lakeshore camp, when they begin with the upbeat worship -> transition to offering -> transition to slow set -> transition to speaker and I see the organization there (oh and sometimes you get those videos with the questions haha!). But then after the speaker finishes making his points, the place becomes free and sometimes things just go all over the place, it can just get messy and those times not planned(at least I’m not aware of any person planning them, God on the other hand..)

    Also I went to one young adults service where we started by worshipping and then proceeded to have an intellectual discussion about homosexuals and the church, I was thrown off guard but it was dope.

    I’m saying some organization is good, but being over-organized as you see in the video is not healthy. It would be interesting to see a service that was completely original, say you were to do this Chase.. You start it up just by speaking about something shortly and then you cut quickly and Sills runs out and does a backflip to the mic while yelling “LETS GET READY TO SINGGG WOO” the band does one song nobody knows. Then the band stays on stage, you come back with some wicked teachings and then everybody goes to the front and dances, and we shoot envelopes of cash into b-ball hoops with buckets beneath them. Then everybody sits in groups but has a full discussion with everybody involved about a general issue. Service ends with a slow worship set and does NOT finish on a high note song such as One Way Jesus – Hillsong.

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