Epic Fail Vault Vol. 1

If you know me at all, you know that I have a…tendancy to put my foot in my mouth. Not literally. I’m not that flexible. figuratively speaking. I have done my share of ‘I didn’t know that I said that and I’m sorry’ over the course of 29 years. More than most people should.

Now I have gotten much better at it. I have learned that I come across loud, obnoxious and more words like that when I first meet people so I have dialed The Chase back a bit, but still, there are moments when it doesn’t work.

Hence moments like this, when I will open my vault and share with all 4 of you, my list of verbal epic fails. Hopefully, you’ll laugh and be willing to share your own as well. This one takes place when I was an RA in Bible College.

During our first main floor meeting, we dudes sat in a circle and introduced ourselves and where we were from. As we went through, one guy, named Jerry* said that he was a 3rd year from London, who did most of his courses online. I, being a foreigner (I’m from Quebec) was so excited to hear about his flight, which soccer club he rooted for and if he had tea.

My first words to him, after hearing his story, were: “dude, I love your accent…what’s England like?”

His response. In front of everyone. “I’m from London, Ontario. It’s not an accent. I have a speech impediment.”

Epic Fail.

More to come friends…leave a laugh if you want!

*name changed to protect the guy who I looked dumb in front of…


3 thoughts on “Epic Fail Vault Vol. 1

    So glad that was you and not me…

    I’ve had a few moments similar to that…when I think of some, I’ll try to remember to come back and post…

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