Epic Fail Vault Vol. 2

If you know me at all, you know that I have a…tendancy to put my foot in my mouth. Not literally. I’m not that flexible. figuratively speaking. I have done my share of ‘I didn’t know that I said that and I’m sorry’ over the course of 29 years. More than most people should.

Now I have gotten much better at it. I have learned that I come across loud, obnoxious and more words like that when I first meet people so I have dialed ‘The Chase‘ back a bit, but still, there are moments when it doesn’t work.

Last week I began the opening of this vault and it was well received. So it’s only fitting that the vault-opening continues.

My most recent fail took place this past Sunday with my friend Karen Johnson. A bunch of us were talking about a worship service we were just in called Cathedral (Karen’s husband, Dr. Van was involved in it, as was I) and the choice of shirt colors we had chosen when Karen and I started our own convo:

Karen – “Van really should have worn a brighter shirt. Have you ever seen his green one?”

Chris – “Yeah…but I don’t care much for that one. I really like the-”

K – “I bought him the green one….”

C – (Silence)

K – “So I guess NOW you like the green shirt (with an obvious gotcha grin)!”

C – (with eyes to the ground) – “…yup…”

Fail…dang I suck. Any other stories like this?

P.S. – Thankfully, the Johnsons are great family friends who expect these fails from me. It’s another form of entertainment for them!


5 thoughts on “Epic Fail Vault Vol. 2

  1. Cathedral was fantastic! The shirts were not really noticable….well okay Becca was wearing a hot pink shirt and she looked beautiful….but…no one was really paying attention to what people were wearing….excpet Becca…just kidding Becca. lol.

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