Project Haiti

Remember a few months back when the world was gripped by the cries of Haiti? Many of us, while still remembering, have gone back to our regular lives and the pressing needs in front of us. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just how life is, I guess.

Others have felt a burden so strong that it has truly changed their focus from themselves to that nation and their people.

One of those ‘Others’ is my sister-in-law Stacey Brown. She is a registered nurse with a big heart. After seeing the devastation in Haiti, she felt that her skills as a nurse could be used to help others. And so she raised money, got on a plane and for over a week, & gave a hand to the medical initiatives and endeavors that Haiti so desperately needed. I’m very proud to say that I know her and she played a role in bringing God’s kingdom agenda forward in Haiti.

Here’s a video she made out of her experience. I hope you enjoy the pics, the song and remember to pray for those all over the world who are dealing with tragedy of some kind.

Also, check out Shaun King, a pastor from Atlanta and his Haiti project called aHomeInHaiti, where you can help the Haitian people by buying them tents.

As people of God, we’re called to help and heal…let’s be reminded of that today.


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