The Journey Was Worth It…

Last night at 11:30 PM, my favorite show Lost came to a satisfying conclusion. It was quite the event here at our house, filled with friends, food and no talking. For six seasons, I watched, learned, invested and enjoyed this show.  And now that it’s done, I want to mention a few key things that I’ve gained from it:

1 – The Value of Story: Good stories keep you guessing, keep your attention and get you to ask questions. They stretch your imagination, cause you to look internally and at the same time, entertain you. Great story does this. It goes beyond conventional thinking and gets you connected to characters. And a great story has you see yourself in the characters…kinda like that kid in “The Neverending Story”. LOST helped me as a story-teller to move beyond my own ideas and ideals and help people connect with what I’m trying to share. Think of a book you love or show you watch (be it Fringe, 24, Grey’s). You love it and come back to it because of story. And if you don’t have cable but read blogs online (because the internet is cable on ‘roids…), you come back to blogs because of…yes, the STORY. And please know this: if you have the internet, you DO have cable.

2 – The Value of Mystery: Why did this guy get off the island? Why did this happen? Who was that guy? Some things are better left unexplained. So often, we want to figure everything out but if we did, life would be boring. It’s in learning over time that makes life fun. As Christians, we don’t do much to embrace the mystery that is God. We read books, write sermons and produce podcast to figure out prayer, His will, why bad things happen to good people, etc. Maybe…JUST maybe, we’re not supposed to know. Maybe, we’re supposed to learn as we go along. I mean 12 guys spent all their time with Jesus and they were left with some mysteries too…and it didn’t seem to bother them. LOST taught me that some things won’t be shared and it’s the mystery that will bring me back to the STORY…to see something I may have missed the 1st time.

3 – The Value of Friendship: For the past 3 years, a group of us would get together to watch LOST together. We were already good friends prior to that but after our times of watching, we are much closer. This is due to the time spent, the discussions had and the memories made. I so appreciate our friends Ben, Rachel, Richard, Tracy, Jess and Steve (who joined us on the last go around), Taigan and, yes…even Matt for joining Becca and I, coming to our home and making it their and extending our family on those nights. To paraphrase Jack Shepherd it has been better to WATCH together than to WATCH alone. I love these people and value their effect in our lives.

LOST is over. But those points of story, mystery and friendship move on.

And I’m happy that I re-learned them watching this show.

Some things to ponder: What are some great stories you love? That keep you coming back again and again? What are some mysteries that you’re okay with not knowing? How have you shown your friends that you value them?


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