What Re.Fuels You??

We all know what stresses us out, right? The things that prevent us from fully enjoying all life has to offer? The things strangle joy and punch it in the face?

As I walk around this beautiful camp ground here in the Ottawa Valley, I’m reminded that getting away with my fam is a nice thing.

An even BETTER thing: Knowing what brings me joy, relaxes me and helps me be the husband, father, friend and leader God desires and designed me to be. A guy named Wanye Cordeiro calls it spills and fills, I believe…knowing what refills you when life spills your best out. Cool concept.

So here’s my list of what Re.Fuels me:
Time alone: after a long time at church or with people, having a moment of silence or gentle tunes helps me greatly. I love people but it’s good to not be ‘on’ sometimes.
Reading: getting into the word (I sound old school with that statement) or a book that I like reminds me that there aren’t as enjoyable things as a good story.
Blogging: if you do blog, you know how therapeutic it is..even though it IS a tad pretentious…
Video Games: I’m still a kid.
Walking: It helps level the blood, level the head and calm the heart. Many meetings that I have to prepare for are prepared for this way, walking and talking to God about it. (Though, now that I really think about it, I must look pretty crazy on the streets of Ajax.)

What about you? What calms you? What get your creative juices flowing when your well runs dry? What fills when life spills? If you’re a leader and you don’t know this stuff, find them out, and then live them out!


One thought on “What Re.Fuels You??

  1. I love that you called blogging a tad pretentious! It made me smile this morning.
    Someday I will blog whenever I am smart enough or convinced someone will care haha

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