Ron Ron’s Story

On Thursday night, the LA Lakers beat the Boston C’s in what could be called the worst (or best if you’re a D-FENCE person) game ever. Kobe wasn’t Kobe. Ray wasn’t Ray. Rondo was BONDO. Pau couldn’t connect from the line. Everyone sucked except for Ron Artest. Now if you’re not a sports person, let me give you a lil rundown on this dude.

He’s nuts. Period. He even admits it.

in November 2004, while lying on a table during a game timeout (already a bad sign), a fan threw a diet coke at Ron, causing him to leave his ‘post’, run into the crown, and punch him in the face. His teammates followed and what ensued is now forever known as The Malice in the Palace. Long story short, Ron got suspended for the season and then bailed on his team. Not cool. He was typecast worse than a child actor as a troublemaker and cancer on teams.

Last season he gets traded to the Lake Show and doesn’t perform during the season well…the critics come back. But in the end, it don’t matter cause then win and he gets a ring. Now, whether you like LA or not, you gotta love the story of 2nd chance and redemption here (and you KNOW how much I love story!!). It was undeserved (he shouldn’t be there) and confusing (he didn’t fit) but it worked and he is (for NOW) a better man for it. During the night, he did an interview with NBA TV and listen to how he describes himself back THEN and NOW and how thankful he is (watch it up to the 1st minute to get the point…you can watch more if you’d like. Major shout outs to him for admitting that he seeks help for his mental state.).

2nd chances don’t always come our way.

Yet when they do, we need to take them and do right with them. Here’s a crazy thought: What can you learn from Ron Artest? What 2nd chance moments to you need or are you looking for? What’s stopping you from getting there?


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