Great Message from a Different Voice

I heard this song on the way to Cobourg with my girls and thought it’d be worth sharing with you. The song is written like a story, vivid in its wording with a focus on salvation, strength, responsibilities and guilt.

Simply put, you NEED to listen to the entire song…all 4:42 of it. Can you do that now?

What do you think of the term ‘Bloodline’ used here? The themes of children out-of-wedlock, father roles, perseverance: do they stand out? How so? Did you need to RE-hear it?

If you enjoyed it and it’s message here’s another question. Does knowing this song was written and performed by a homosexual change your view?

 Hopefully it doesn’t but I dunno…

Could it be that an non-believer gets it(the message)  better than some believers do?

Let’s chat…


2 thoughts on “Great Message from a Different Voice

  1. I have probably listened to this song 150 times. I’m in love man. I am overwhelmingly struck at the simplicity of the message and yet the complexity of its implications. His thoughts on Salvation and redemption are so true and yet they challenge me because well…I think i’ve got it all mixed up. I assume i know the process of someone coming to Christ, it goes a little something like this: Say the sinners prayer, stop sinning and join a church (tithe…make sure you do that). I think becoming a part of the “bloodline” is something that is so easy and yet we have complicated to the max. God invites all people gay, straight, black, white, muslim, buddhist etc to be re connected to him through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. He says nothing about how that process takes place. There is no sinners prayer in the bible, there is no mention of having to take membership in a local church, there is also no mention of having to become completely sinless. it is about simply believing that Christ blood paid the price for you to be a part of the bloodline of God.

    I love that Matt Morris gets it. I love that to me the second verse is the purest version of gospel i have heard in a long time. That despite your “failures” or what Christians see as failures like being gay or being an unwed mother, you can still be a part of the Bloodline through the blood of Christ.

    • I don’t think any other song gets it. This is the 1st posting where I was sad no one weighed in (though Ben and I have had some great chats so he’s off the hook!). What’s nuts is that his choice is far from where our fellowship would desire him to be but he gets it and teaches better than most of us do weekly. What a song, what a reminder of the Invitation.

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