Epic Fail Blog Vol. 3

Wow, it’s been quite some time since the last fail blog, eh? Well, another repressed memory has surfaced for your reading enjoyment!

The time was August 2005 and I was 6 weeks way from marrying my best friend and fellow blogger, Becca Brown (now Chase). The setting was my boss’ cottage up north. Our entire ministry staff went up for an overnight trip filled with boats, games, prayer and planning. I was very new to the staff and didn’t know the people I worked with well. I also talked way to openly and often (maybe my closed-offness started here…).

Anyhow, somehow during the first day, I was talking with a couple of people on staff and it came up that our lead pastor was going to be doing a series on healthy sexuality in September. And without thinking I said, “That’s funny that he’ll be teaching about sex while I’ll be on my honeymoon!” It only would’ve been worse if I looked for hi-fives.

The guys who heard it looked at me like ‘dude…okay…who is this guy.’ Before I could fix it, my boss came over and asked what we were talking about and at THIS point, the entire room wants to know.

And like a idiot, I said it again. Out loud. His face said “I hired YOU?” He looked embarrassed for himself and pity for me:) My friend Jonathan Smith just put his head down and laughed. No one really talked for a while, just so it could sink in.


6 years later, I have a great relationship with my boss, Keith Smith. But I’d never mention something like that again. Except for here…



Becoming Me…

It has been quite some time since my last post…life has a funny way of creating writer’s block when you really want to write stuff.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I read various posts, headers, tweets and Facebook status updates and, well…I don’t feel all that spiritual. Maybe it’s my own insecurities…maybe it’s my ‘this is what spirituality is supposed to look like-a-phobias’. It actually prevents me from writing sometimes.

I should explain…

You’ve see them, right? The tweets that are always about Jesus, ministry, outpouring, scripture, leadership or something like that. There may be a sprinkle of little family stuff but for the most part, that’s about it,  God-stuff.

I look at them and just like the person who says, “God wakes me up at 3 AM to pray’, I go into interior loathing…and jealousy. I think, “I’m not that spiritual…dang…”

Ever feel that?

I spend the majority of my tweets (which have been reduced greatly in the past 6-7 months) are about my daughter, my wife, good times and the simplicity of life. With a sprinkle of things I learn from scriptures, teachings…things like that. And you know what? That is okay.  I am okay with that. I realize that everything is Spiritual when directed to God and is looked at as a gift from God. More than anything in this world, my main gifts are Rebecca and Eliana. And I know that as I lead and share about my family, everything else will come together (ministry, friendships, etc.) and fall into place. I love my friends who tweet/post/update quotes/verses/ministry updates and the like. We need you to do what you do. Don’t stop! Keep it moving, y’all!

I’m just saying, I’m coming into the realization that I’m just not to do what you do. I am to be…me.

And that’s a good thing:)

A couple of questions: Do you think would we, especially those of us in ministry, be more effective if  we used our social media platforms to speak more about our families, our insecurities, our dreams and our simple moments as opposed to promoting our latest projects, cool quotes we found, people others should read/follow? Do people really care about that ‘outside/exterior stuff’? What do we say about ourselves if people only see/read that from us? Do we even say anything about US, as individuals? Who is someone who’s family life you admire?