Becoming Me…

It has been quite some time since my last post…life has a funny way of creating writer’s block when you really want to write stuff.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I read various posts, headers, tweets and Facebook status updates and, well…I don’t feel all that spiritual. Maybe it’s my own insecurities…maybe it’s my ‘this is what spirituality is supposed to look like-a-phobias’. It actually prevents me from writing sometimes.

I should explain…

You’ve see them, right? The tweets that are always about Jesus, ministry, outpouring, scripture, leadership or something like that. There may be a sprinkle of little family stuff but for the most part, that’s about it,  God-stuff.

I look at them and just like the person who says, “God wakes me up at 3 AM to pray’, I go into interior loathing…and jealousy. I think, “I’m not that spiritual…dang…”

Ever feel that?

I spend the majority of my tweets (which have been reduced greatly in the past 6-7 months) are about my daughter, my wife, good times and the simplicity of life. With a sprinkle of things I learn from scriptures, teachings…things like that. And you know what? That is okay.  I am okay with that. I realize that everything is Spiritual when directed to God and is looked at as a gift from God. More than anything in this world, my main gifts are Rebecca and Eliana. And I know that as I lead and share about my family, everything else will come together (ministry, friendships, etc.) and fall into place. I love my friends who tweet/post/update quotes/verses/ministry updates and the like. We need you to do what you do. Don’t stop! Keep it moving, y’all!

I’m just saying, I’m coming into the realization that I’m just not to do what you do. I am to be…me.

And that’s a good thing:)

A couple of questions: Do you think would we, especially those of us in ministry, be more effective if  we used our social media platforms to speak more about our families, our insecurities, our dreams and our simple moments as opposed to promoting our latest projects, cool quotes we found, people others should read/follow? Do people really care about that ‘outside/exterior stuff’? What do we say about ourselves if people only see/read that from us? Do we even say anything about US, as individuals? Who is someone who’s family life you admire?


4 thoughts on “Becoming Me…

  1. I think the great thing about blogging (as a specific) and social media (in a very broad sense is that it can be a double edged sword. Feeling the freedom to completely open up and let everything ‘hang out’ can backfire for people in some situations. I read a blog recently and thought, “my goodness – I really hope the people at this guy’s church don’t read this”.

    On the flip side, I think this avenue of social media gives people the chance to be heard without having to be ‘popular’. It can be a completely level playing field. I love reading things from people that might be disregarded in their own sphere of influence…

    And maybe I make too much of it…but really, everyone has the opportunity to share what they love with as many people as will listen.


    • Yup! Each blog should reflect each person’s needs, wants, audience, etc. I just wish that more blogs/social media things would be rounded, so that we can get to know the full person. But I follow/read them so what can ya do:)

  2. I agree that some push the promo, “look what I just wrote,” “look at this great website” stuff a little too much. If anything there needs to be a balance. In fact, with Twitter specifically in mind, I skim over or even stop following people who have too many #tags, websites, and @ promos. I find I could care less what those ones say. It’s the ones without all that junk where people express the real side of themselves, instead of promoting something.

    But that’s just me…

  3. I actually HATE “Jesus-God-Bible” statuses on FB or Twitter…most of the time those who write them use it as a literary form of a “Christian karate-chop”…like it will cause someone struggling or leading a life away from God to spiritually “wake up” in 140 characters or less. I find it to be irresponsible actually. We are called in relationship with Christ and others…so trying to reach out to the masses by way of these statuses is really actually not doing anyone a favor. A friendship request received and confirmed does not a relationship make. I think it can make the author look like a pompous a$$ and the reader feeling…like crap. Where’s the love in that? We are responsible for EVERY word we speak and we write…

    I have actually removed friends who flower their statuses up with non-relate-able Christian jargon. As a follower of Christ who has a desire and passion to follow him and be obedient, it makes me want to throw up in my mouth. (Too graphic?…perhaps I should facebook status about it…)

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