Epic Fail Blog Vol. 3

Wow, it’s been quite some time since the last fail blog, eh? Well, another repressed memory has surfaced for your reading enjoyment!

The time was August 2005 and I was 6 weeks way from marrying my best friend and fellow blogger, Becca Brown (now Chase). The setting was my boss’ cottage up north. Our entire ministry staff went up for an overnight trip filled with boats, games, prayer and planning. I was very new to the staff and didn’t know the people I worked with well. I also talked way to openly and often (maybe my closed-offness started here…).

Anyhow, somehow during the first day, I was talking with a couple of people on staff and it came up that our lead pastor was going to be doing a series on healthy sexuality in September. And without thinking I said, “That’s funny that he’ll be teaching about sex while I’ll be on my honeymoon!” It only would’ve been worse if I looked for hi-fives.

The guys who heard it looked at me like ‘dude…okay…who is this guy.’ Before I could fix it, my boss came over and asked what we were talking about and at THIS point, the entire room wants to know.

And like a idiot, I said it again. Out loud. His face said “I hired YOU?” He looked embarrassed for himself and pity for me:) My friend Jonathan Smith just put his head down and laughed. No one really talked for a while, just so it could sink in.


6 years later, I have a great relationship with my boss, Keith Smith. But I’d never mention something like that again. Except for here…



5 thoughts on “Epic Fail Blog Vol. 3

  1. Okay I honestly don’t see why that’s a fail. I should write a blog about why Christians need to be more open about sexuality. Everyone knows what you do on a honeymoon. I probably would have said something along the same lines. I once told my Christian friends who were trying to get pregnant to “fast, pray, and then have a marathon”. They looked so embarrassed.

  2. (I think the fail is the first impression that was made….. not that he was wrong to be talking about sex.)

    Can the next fail blog pleeeeease be about the first impression you made on my dad??(“Cornerbrook -West siiiiide”)

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