False Expectations & Writers Block

Wow…this writers block has killed me. Sorry for the 5 or 6 of you who read this thing:)

It’s not for lack of trying that this block has stalled. This blog has gone through the devotions phase where I know I should write but I don’t or when I get in front of the computer, another website distracts (stupid, beautiful Twitter) or a running little kid in my house wants to play or have a dance party. More often I wish I had the consistency of my friend, Kyle, who has a blog or two a day but alas, it’s been weeks and after today, it could be more…urgh.

Yet, getting back up is the entire thing, right? To try again? To get better? Consistent? So here it is. Here’s a lesson I learned from my daughter…

Ellie loves the song Single Ladies by Beyoncé. Forgive me if you’re a good Christian parent who would never allow such tunes near your child. I guess I’m not there (…lol…). Every time the song is on, kid will throw her hands up, just like B, and shake em, while singing oh oh ohhhh! It’s amazing. She’ll even point to her ring finger (I’m really hoping that she does that to the boys at day care and for the rest of her teenage life.)! It’s classic.

Well, one day Ellie is getting down at home to the song…so like every annoying parent, we get the camera out to video tape it. She loves the lime light so the kid goes harder at it. Really dancing. Then on a turn, she slips and falls.

Flat. On. Her. Face. Click and see for yourself.

The kid, as I affectionately call her, just got back up and danced. She was a little more cautious, a little embarrassed (when does that kick in for kids…) but she kept on going. It’s a lesson I will carry with me forever.

The songs of life don’t stop and we’ve been invited to dance to them by our Creator. Life is about learning the steps and doing our best moves, with or without rhythm. We’ll fall, fail and lose out from time to time but at the end of the day, we gotta get back up, point at our ring figure and shake our booties.

PS – If you are of…the opposite skin tone as myself, don’t give me the ‘I can’t dance because I am…said skin tone. That’s just dumb. You CAN dance. Just not very well. And that’s okay. You make weddings fun.

PPS – And my wife is of that same…skin tone…and she can get down for real. Just the other day she was doing the Dougie. So don’t use it as an excuse. That’s a whole other blog in itself.


8 thoughts on “False Expectations & Writers Block

  1. Dude, what is funny about this post is I went through kind of a the same thing. I probably went a month without hardly writing at all. But in that time got a renewed passion for it and haven’t looked back.

    And after reading this it sounds like your daughter is going to be providing you plenty of material for your blog 🙂

    • Thanks Kyle,
      I’m always checking your blog and learning from it. Love the layout too. I needed to take the pressure off of writting and just write, you know. Lots of ideas in the brain so it should be good for the next little while.
      The kid is too funny…it’s uncanny, actually. Hope you’re enjoy Halak. He’s playing amazing. Stupid habs. Price isn’t bad but come on!!

  2. GO Becca with the Dougie!! We girls (me and my 3)got down to the dougie too…so fun! Anyway, awesome how God used Ellie to teach you life’s lessons, and then in turn anyone who reads your blog will learn from it too. Beautiful.
    I get writers block often, so I just wait until something inspires me to write…even if it takes a week or two.

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