Learning BY Repetition (Another Ellie Story)

On Friday, Eliana and I had an indoor daddy/daughter day where we ran, ate, played, experienced time out, laughed and waited for mom to get home. We also had a nap time…it was glorious.

During the day, Ellie would take one of her books, bring it to me as say ‘book pueezz,’ which is her language for “read this book to me before I throw a fit, daddy”. So, as an obliging dad, I’d pick her up on my knee and read her her chosen story. From there, she’d jump down, grab another book and ask for the same treatment. And again, out of love for her and a desire to see her learn, I’d read to her again…and again…

You probably know where this is going…

This went on for hours. I think I read “Baby Jesus” 9 times (these books are like 8 pages deep. Max.) among other stories. And I HAD to make it different each time! The Kid knew when I was halfing it or when I wasn’t paying complete attention to her or the words. Sometimes, it was the TV or the Mac. Other times, it was the window. But for the MOST part, it was simply “I’m reading the same story AGAIN?!?!?!” And I would zone out. So…she’d tap the page, or look at me and say, ‘Dadddeeeeeee!’ And a couple times, she’d take the book, sit on the ground and read it to herself. She’d make voices, get loud and quiet, turn the story into a Broadway play. It was quite something. So then I chose to do right by her and read the stories EACH TIME like it was the first time. The shepherds sounded different each time. The wise men had backstories. Jesus would have an Irish cry. And she loved it…each time.

And so did I.

I have to learn how to read my Bible like that too.

I think we all do.

I mean, after the novality of reading it for the first time in our lives, it can become dare I say, boring to us (I know this story…I preached this story…my favorite person wrote a book on this story, etc, etc.)? But like reading to The Kid, I have to approach it each time with new wonder, new excitement, new learning. I have to choose to look at David, Elisha, Haggai, Peter, Philemon and the rest of the gang with new eyes. And that is a choice that I have to make (The Holy Spirit is ALWAYS giving us a desire to read the word. We’re the once who choose what we do with it). Not to teach better. Not to lead better. But to know Him more and out of that knowing, the rest falls into place.


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