Epic Fail Blog Vol. 4

Well, it’s another addition of the Epic Fail Blog, where I open up the vault that is my embarasing life for you, the 10 to 12 who read this blog. If you’re newer to these posts, here the last blog

Well, this tale takes place in 2005, during my first view months at Agincourt Pentecostal Church. It was a simple time. I was learning the APC ropes, meeting people and hopefully developing as a young leader. Oh, and I also thought I knew everything about everything. Cause all 24-year-old do.

The setting was in our lunch room during lunch time. It was one of those days when there were a lot of people in there…and we were talking about certain singers in our church and how blessed we were t have them. In the midst of our convo, my good friend and fellow blogger Maria mentioned a lady who was a singer at our church who at the time had lost her voice. Before she could continue, he was my response to her ‘mention’:

“Well, the reason she lost her voice is because most black singers never learned how to sing properly from her diaphragm so she sings from her throats cause that’s what she learned.”

Or something ignorant like that.

You could imagine the room, right…

Maria, without hesitation simply replied,

“…actually, she is a trained singer. People simply lose their voices sometimes…”

Boom. No one even laughed but air smelled of ‘You dun got told, lil man.’

Fail. And not only was it a fail, it was a ‘Trust me it’s a race thing’ that wasn’t even a race thing FAIL.



3 thoughts on “Epic Fail Blog Vol. 4

  1. It’s cool that you post these ‘fails’ because it shows other ppl that we all make mistakes and put our foot in our mouth sometimes but God will always pick us up and dust us off when we fall. It allows ppl to relate to you, also! So to me, your ‘fail’ blog posts are anything but failures!

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