Good Morning…right?

I’m not a morning person. I like sleeping. I mean, who doesn’t, besides Napoleon (who history tells us only slept 4 hours a day. He was too busy thinking about taking things over. Or escaping exile…)

That being said, when I get up, I’m good to go. I hate wasting time, so sleeping in isn’t something I often practice. But I still get up with a “To-Do-List” stuck in my mind.

  • Get showered/teeth brushed/dressed
  • …everything else is pretty easy after the java:)

I’m pretty crummy. Most people are. Except for kids. Every morning I go to wake up The Kid, she does the same thing…she smiles, jumps on her bed and says HIIIIIIIII DAAAAADDDYYY! She’s good to go! She’s slept way too long. There’s Treehouse to watch, crayons to use, walls to colour on, pots to bang with drumsticks, songs to sing and books to read. For Eliana, the fun in the day is endless and it’s just about to begin. Sadly, as she gets older, she’ll begin to dread waking up…like so many of us do today (hopefully not). We wake up to bills, jobs, broken relationships, misguided dreams and wants, loneliness (even if we’re married or ‘popular’) and somehow we think, “Life is better when I’m sleeping…”

But everyday is a gift. Everyday is an opportunity to make something of the lives we have. To choose to symbolically jump up and down on our beds and say “This day was made by my Creator and I’m gonna be excited and take joy in it.” How we respond to the sunrays that hit our faces (or the darkness that greets us during the winter months) is up to us. It’s funny how WE CAN CHOOSE to be better, isn’t it. Yet, more often than not, I choose to get up and be blah…blah feels easier but it’s not. Because it makes getting better THAT MUCH HARDER.

What are you afraid to wake up to? Let’s practice surrender together! Let’s practice inviting God into EVERY waking moment. Let’s wake up knowing that for every morning there are new mercies waiting for us, to bring us through (Lam 3:19-24).

Don’t sleep in (in the mental sense).

Wake up.

Jump on the bed.

Get excited.

There are walls that need colouring. And you got the crayons!

…and we can choose this life…even on four hours sleep:)


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