The Cool Kids…

Every social group has them.

Nurseries, Elementary school, youth groups, work situations, sports teams, churches…youth pastors 🙂


The people who have it all together. The people who we all look up to and want to be like. They have this thing called swagger (wagon sold separately). They walk in packs. They are sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, always cooler than you. And it makes you feel crummy. And so you being to covet, to want more than to be LIKE them. You actually think that your life would be better if you WERE THEM.

Here’s something you may not have ever heard.

You’re cool.

You’re worth getting to know, hanging out with, learning from, acceptance, love, forgiveness, etc.

You are a trend setter, a leader and a good friend.

The cool kids are only COOL because we say they are. Because they look the part of what we think COOL looks like. But what if we stopped look at them and started to look at how God’s wired us and said, “I’m okay with how I am…He’s made me specific and unique.” This doesn’t mean we’re above improvements…what it means is that we’re letting God bring the BEST out of us! He doesn’t remake us. Instead he works WITH us as we are to shape us into the ME (aka YOU!) we’re supposed to be! (And for the record, those who are “cool” struggle with the same insecurities you do…)

Let the revolution of COOL begin!

Qs: How’s God wired you? What do you like about yourself? How much time do you spend looking at what other people have? What is God trying to teach you today yourself and how he’s made you?


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