epic fail blog Vol. 5 (The John Abbott Bully Episode)

Hey everyone, here’s another fail I thought about this morning. Unlike the other ones, this one is more MEAN than FUNNY. Well, it may be funny to some of you and it WAS over 12 years ago…so I dunno.

The year was 1998 and I was in my first year in CEGEP, which for you non-Montreal readers is post secondary college before university (we finish High School in grade 11). It was the first week and I was making a lot of friends, mainly because my older cousin was there and she was (and still is) one of the coolest people around. The guys I hung out with were all older than me and really into wrestling shows, particularly WCW/NWO and Stone Cold and the Rock. I was a HUGE Rock fan. I would lift my one eyebrow, talk with his hard swagger and use his catchphrases wherever I could.

One particular day, I chose to use one of the catchphrases on an unsuspecting student. I saw a guy walking down the hall wearing a black t-shirt, a cap and glasses. He looked lost and so I asked him, in front of a whole cafeteria, “Hey man, what’s you’re name?” Before he could even respond with a “Gary”, “Bret”, “Chet” or “Barry” (all assumed names), I yelled at the top of my lungs:


The guys who I hung with, and who knew it was coming, lost it. They laughed, cheered and hi-fived me and each other (I swear my life is like an 80s High School movie…prolly Lucas…). Yet, something inside me died. I knew better. I had been a leader in my youth group. I loved Jesus. I knew how to treat other people, yet for the sake of…I don’t even know any more…I thoroughly killed that guy. And that’s the fail.

I hurt someone…and I didn’t even get his name. I put myself over his feelings. And as for all that “popularity” from 1998…I don’t even talk to 96% percent of the dudes and girls I knew from then (though I’m sure we’re all fixtures on each others Facebook walls). What was hilarious in September of 1998 is a now a painful memory and a fear that it may happen to my own kid by someone who’s just as needy for attention as I was. I hope that guy is okay…I think of him often and whisper an apology all the time. I’m still not 100% with my mouth (i have another epic fail blog to prove it) but I’m a lot faster at recognizing my failings and doing right the next time. I hope you are to.

PS – In light of the rise of bullying happening in high schools in North America, especially online (away from the eyes of teachers, principles and parents), if you are a pastor or leader to youth, talk to your students about it. Remind them that everyone is equal. Remind them to stand up for the little guy…every little bit helps.


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