What we’ve lived through

Feb 14th, 2011 will be 6 years exactly since Becca and I (and now little Ellie) have been on staff at Agincourt Church in Toronto.

In the past 6 years, here’s what’s happened in culture (I’m remembering some…don’t kill me if I forget some!):

Saddam Hussein got caught
The Bed Intruder didn’t…but got a song made about him
Kanye verses Taylor, Bush, NBC…and a whole lot of other people
Katrina, the Massacre in Bombay & Haiti
The death and repopularization (made up word…) of Michael Jackson
The Sox won the World Series (’04…not the ’07 one)
The rise of Auto-Tune
Brokeback Mountain
The end of Lost/24 and the start of Glee/Modern Family/Mad Men
The decline of American Idol
The iPhone (and fake pretenders)
The threat of nuclear war
The 2010 Olympics (The golden goal, Rochette and the craze for Canadian clothing)
Satelite Radio
North Korea
Sarah Palin and the Tea Party
The Rise, RISE, leveling and current falling of President Obama’s popularity (dude still has Jigga on his iPod)
LeCrae (Christian Rapper) getting play on iTunes and CNN

Crazy huh…I remember most of these moments so clearly. What things in the past 6 years stood out to you? What did I forget? What needs more shine? If this were an award show, what would get the “BIGGEST NEWS” award? What does this list tell you about our world? What do you hope to see or experience next?

Every year brings highs, low and a reminder that we need to stay connected to God and to one another…here’s looking forward, friends!


    2 thoughts on “What we’ve lived through

    1. michael jackson’s death
      heath ledger’s death
      william and kate
      haiti exposure
      tv show: community

      music: tallest man on earth, too good for words to describe. and arcade fire.

      touch-screen technology for the individual consumer has begun (finally)

      the rise of the idea for going back to our roots in order to survive: farm as much food yourself as you can, raise some animals, ride your bike everywhere (better than horses), walk everywhere, make as much food by yourself as you can, natural health care approaches (eckhm: naturopathic medicine), essentially: maximal DIY

      Germany’s no. 1 goal keeper, HUGE respect and celebrity in Europe, on top of his career and game: commits suicide.

      Threat that in 5 years Venice will be underwater; also in 5 years the Great Ocean Road’s 12 Apostles will also be eroded completely (Australia); the burial of one of the oldest villages in the world, all the historical relics discovered and undiscovered, the homes built into the side of massive cliffs and hanging coffins by China’s Three Gorges Dam project, the last opportunity for tourists to view the imperial city was in 2008. there are many more world heritage sites at risk… these just come to mind.

      fresh water crisis

      canadian northern border crisis

      olympics on home turf: epic

      use of adult stem cells for skin grafts. pretty epic.

      this isn’t that in depth. but a quick list from the top of my head. clearly, what happens in my personal life seems to jump out at me way more when i reflect on the last 6 years. and it has a bigger impact. i would have hoped more “human kindness” events/things would have stood out for me more. U2 has been pretty good for this. and the simple things like flash mobs and free-hug youtube campaigns. all in all it just seems like the world is pretty desolate.


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