Epic Fail Blog (The ‘You Ruined Christmas’ Story)

This is a RE-POST of a blog written 2 years ago. Over the weekends, I will normally re-post something in preparation for my weekly posts. This is one of my favorite stories of all times because almost every couple has experienced something like this. If you’ve read it, get reacquainted with the story and if this is time number 1, enjoy!



I am an impulsive shopper. I think about something I want, save my money for it, then buy it. Where’d I get my shoppin’ habits from? Well…I got it from my mama (Thanks Will.I.Am). So, apparently there’s a rule where you shouldn’t by anything during Christmas because someone may by it for you. I didn’t know that until a few years ago. You see…it was when everyone was getting DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). You could tape shows, pause live TV…have control! And I really wanted one because a friend of mine would brag about his all the time. So I waited. Checked prices. Held off. All the stuff wise shoppers are supposed to do.th me, babe.

That Christmas season, Becca and I went to visit her Dad (Don) and Stepmom (Carol) in a town close to Sarnia. It was just before Christmas…maybe a week or two before. And it was during that visit, I decided “I want to by that DVR. Right now.” So I went online and began to scan Future Shop for the best prices. My in-laws have two computers sitting beside each other side by side, so while I was on one looking at prices, Becca was on the other, quietly playing solitaire (I think…).

Finally, I found one I wanted. Don and I got in the car and drove to Future Shop where I decided I wanted one from Best Buy instead. I went back on the computer to look and found the one on the Best Buy site I wanted. It was perfect! Then the UN-THINK-ABLE happened. Becca screamed, cried and ran for the bathroom. And then I realized: SHE. ALREADY. BOUGHT IT. FOR ME. I ran to the washroom door (sooo 80s movie-ish) and said, ‘You got it….? AWE-SOME! It’s still a surprise! I love it” And Becca’s response was classically delivered through tears and rage:

“YOU (sob) RUINED (whimper, sniff, sob) CHRISTMAS (WAIL!!)!!”

She said some other stuff too…and…well…some things should remain between husband and wife, ya? EXACTLY…:)

Best “worst” Christmas memory ever! Husbands, don’t buy nothing for yourself before Christmas. Unless it’s furniture or stuff for your kids, it’s not worth it. Trust me!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

P.S. I remember telling this story a year later to our high school students during a service and mid way through the story, Becca (from the BACK of the chapel, if you know APC) threw her shoe at me. Some wounds take a long time to heal…


New addition: A few years later, I’ve greatly improved in what I buy and when I shop, especially at Christmas. Now we buy one gift for the both of us. Last year it was a waffle maker. The days of “I need” aren’t over but they have subsided tremondously. I think.


If you have a similar story, I’d love to have some dialogue with you on it. Leave a comment OR email me at cchase101@gmail.com. We’ve all got a story, so let’s share them. Also, feel free to subscribe to this blog by clicking the “subscribe me” button. Thanks – Chase

11 thoughts on “Epic Fail Blog (The ‘You Ruined Christmas’ Story)

  1. The MOST EPIC fail!!

    But wait, let me explain my side of the story so I don’t seem like an emotional drama queen:

    I am HORRIBLE at buying gifts. I just suck. There’s never any surprises, and I usually end up getting a crappier version of the thing you really want because I don’t know anything about it…. Or I end up telling you what I got you because I am second guessing by gift choice and need some sort of validation….
    But that time, I KNEW IT WAS GOOD. And I was SOOOOOO excited. And I did it all by myself, like, a month in advance.

    You ruined Christmas and you made the baby Jesus cry.

    • I can totally relate Becca! I was so excited one year because I saw Jason admiring this remote controlled helicopter. Not knowing anything about them, I bought one that I thought was reasonably priced. Well, Jason was really happy until it crashed into the wall on its first flight, broke, and never flew again. fail.

    • I know how you feel. One year for Christmas I had to “return” my boyfriends gift 3 times!!! He just kept buying stuff for himself. I was like you too so proud that I had found something he really wanted. We now made the rule that as of November 1st there is no buying for yourself 🙂 Try that it works!

  2. My birthday was in September and my husband surprised me by forgetting, and he still hasn’t given me a gift. I gave him a gift, and you’d think after all the hints and straight up “hello, birthday gift” comments would give him the idea. Its not the first time either…I dread my birthday.
    Never again will I put my heart on expecting a gift from him.
    Maybe I should start a fail blog haha. *sighs* “Men”

  3. Oh man. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard as I did when you shared this story. During Submerge. In the chapel. When Becca threw her shoe at you. Best story ever.

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