2011…Painting a Picture

Dumb title…

I can’t even paint. In fact, I hate painting. I’m so bad at it that Becca took me off painting duty when we were (and by we I mean she) was painting Eliana’s room.

What I meant by the title is that I want to “metaphorically speaking” paint you a picture of what I want my 2011 to look like. No, this is not a late addition to the New Year’s Resolution Party. Nor is it a goals list. This is an if I could do a couple of these things really well, I’d be happy” picture. You see, I got really sick just before Christmas. pneumonia sick. In the hospital sick…wasn’t fun at all. And while I was recuperating, I realized that I really wasn’t taking care of myself in many areas.

  • I hadn’t done anything sports-wise or healthy in ages. Running stairs was hard.
  • I hadn’t really took time to read like I did in the summer.
  • I wasn’t taking care of my core soul.
  • I was getting bored and tired with everything and everyone (sorry if you were in that path…)

Now Becca and Ellie were the lifeline but I realized that I have to lead my home properly. That my wife won’t respect me if I’m lazy. And that my daughter will one day look for a guy who was like me. And if I didn’t like ME, I’d hate that dude…or really like him…but mostly hate him.

Anyhow…so as I got better, I started to do an inventory of my life, in a holistic sense (based off of Mark 12:28-31) and areas I wanted to improve with practical ideas on how. Then my buddy Josh suggested that I put it online to make sure that I did it or at least attempted to…so here’s my holistic list.

  • Feed my mind – This year, I want to read a book every 10 days. The type of books? Doesn’t matter. Listen to great music that inspires me. Take in a sunset. Paint. The last one is a lie.
  • Feed my soul – Really pray and get into the Bible. I’ve never been a sit down at 3 AM and get into the word guy. Sorry if that confession makes you question my Godly status. Hopefully the fruit from my life makes up for it? I’ve been really using the apps on my phone and iPod (and soon…the iPad) to make that a priority.
  • Feed my body – I’m looking at prices and my time to join the Ajax community centre. Plus I REALLY need to eat better. AND actually EAT!! I’d love to be 160 one day:). So working out…and playing more golf this summer. Went out twice. not enough.
  • Feed my heart – Dream a lot, enjoy company with my friends, make new friends, love my wife and daughter. Be passionate about who I am and what I do. Stay engaged in cool stuff.

The result of this picture: I’d be a better man, husband and father. And I’d live longer…maybe.

Think I can do it? What should I look out for? What are my roadblocks? Think you can help me do these things?


8 thoughts on “2011…Painting a Picture

  1. Hey, good post. I too am waiting for the iPad 🙂 I got my bible reading pretty regular now, but I should probably take that up a notch and actually spend some time in prayer too. As for exercise, I get plenty where we’re at, hauling lumber, working on the house. Thats ‘free’ exercise. You’re welcome to take a vacation out east and stay with us eh! And get great exercise helping me cut up firewood 😉
    Long time no laugh. We’ll actually be in ontario the next two weeks, I think we’re packed for time but you should talk to Lindsey about getting together for dinner or something. We’ll be in Ajax for part of that time. Anyways, good post, ttyl.

    • Thanks Micah. I loved that I should talk to Linds as opposed to you about plans for dinner:) Do you have the dates that you’ll be in Ajax? Cause dinner would be awesome! And we’re going to be out East this summer…so we’ll see about the lumber stuff!

  2. Great list and you are not alone. I too started a daily blog as a reminder to myself that I need to change and become a better more faithful, god loving me. Surrounding myself with like minded Christian men is one of my biggest goals this year. We need to hold each other up and be there and I mean really be there when things get tough. Thanks for sharing youself, it helps others do the same and inspires. PS We loved your messege at the Converge retreat, keep speaking into others and you will reap your reward.


  3. Just thought I would recommend a book I just finished in 10 days: Still Alice. It’s about dementia, well written from the patient’s perspective. I think you might like it. If not, it’s still a fast read, so you could move on to the next book quickly!

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