You Just Never Know…

You can never predict how your life will turn out.

At 18 years old, I was in my second year of CEGEP at John Abbott College (That’s college for you Ontario and American readers, not university. That comes after…) studying Liberal Arts. I was in a singing group (our name was C.R.I.M.E. Seriously…), working on my rap game, wearing imitation Timbs and a giant orange bubble jacket. Yes, orange…bright orange. I worked at The Gap, made money, was loud ALL the time and was very obnoxious. I kinda knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to get there.

I remember being in classes thinking ‘This is NOT what I want to do.I don’t wanna be here. I don’t care about  modern philosophy or 18th Century art or Problems of Math and Logic.  I don’t care…”. I don’t wanna be like these nerds in class, reading all the time. So I had fun…stayed involved in church for Godly and attention reason, forgot about school and simply just DID, if that makes any sense.

…I turn 30 in less than a month. I’m a husband, father, good son (who really should call home more often), brother, friend. I’m all those things because of who Jesus is to me and what he’s done for me. I work with the greatest people on earth at 2885 Kennedy Road, both staff and volunteers (the church should always work together, not work for people…at least I think so…). I’m not as loud as I was (at least in the eye of the writer I’m not). I read constantly (I’m the nerd I hated on…). I’m not a rapper (though my freestyle skills still be nice/like a glass of coca-cola chilled down with ice…bow!) nor a singer but that’s okay!

Why the nostalgia? Well, today, a friend of mine opened up his own cafe in my town of Ajax (Cafe Moka…check it out yo!) and asked me as a pastor and friend to pray a blessing over it (He loving calls me Reverend…he’s only person I’ll let do that too. It just sounds weird. He also calls me his priest. That I hate…lol!). I was honored to do so. I thought that while people mingled in the front, we’d go to his back office and pray. Nope. Instead he shut the music down and asked me to pray in front of a bunch of people i didn’t know (and in my head I was like “did I cut anyone off on the way in? Did I smile at everyone as I walked in? Was I on Twitter the entire time?”. So after saying some choice words, we prayed, laughed and celebrated his new business. When I sat down, someone who was in class with me at 17-18 and saw me in the bubble goose, trying to sing and rap, loud as can be said something really cool. They simple smiled and said “I’m not surprised to see you doing this…I could see it then…”

I thought that was cool because I never did. Honestly.

Then I ate a sandwich. Best one I ever had in my life.

‘This is your life/are you who you wanna be…'” – Switchfoot. Well? Are you?


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