Ellie, Dora, Diego & Kissing Cousins

My daughter is pretty observant. She gets that from her mom. She learns by watching.

Becca and I really want her to learn well from us in multiple areas of life, one in particular being affection. We often say ‘I love you’ ‘I love you too’ and ‘I miss you’ to one another and now Ellie has the habit of saying it as well to us, her bear, her bunny and friends. It really is the cutest thing. Becca and I also give each other hugs and small kisses too, simply because we fancy each other AND because we want Ellie to see that it’s normal for mommy and daddy to be that way.

Funny tidbit: The other day when we were being lovingly affectionate (and thinking that Ellie was busy in the living room) we heard a small voice say ‘what doin GUYS?!? (said exactly like this!)’. This leads into the following story…

Last night (Sunday) right after Resonate (APC’s Post-High Ministries to 18 to 24 year olds), I checked my phone and Becca had sent me a twitter message. Here’s what it said:

No more kissing in front of The Kid (Ellie’s nickname). She made Dora and Diego kiss in the bathtub. She said ‘mommy daddy kiss’.

I laughed out loud and shared the message with our group, who laughed as well while each proclaiming “Aren’t they cousins??!?” When I got home, Becca explained Ellie’s ‘play‘ in detail (from saying hello to hugging to…) and it made me laugh, cringe, worry, laugh and marvel at her smarts. Kids know so much and my job as a dad is to help our little Eliana grow and learn and know even at this age. I’m glad that I have that responsibility. I’m also glad that if she’s gonna learn anything, it’s not from TV or from a friend, but from Becca and I. What a job! What a calling!

I also have the responsibility to let her know that cousins don’t do what she was…um…getting them to do…

That’ll be fun =)

sigh…High school as a dad is going to be a blast (insert sarcasm here).

At least she said “mommy daddy kiss”, though…that’s pretty cool, if you ask me!


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