Eliana, The Biebs and Being a Kid – Just Dance!!

You know you used to do it.

You’d be in your room reading, cleaning, chilling and then your JAM would come on. So you’d close the door, turn up your TV, radio, walk or disc man and get on your feet. You’d sing out those lyrics like you were at a concert or making your own music video and go for broke with bad amateur night dance moves, spins, call and response and more.

Then if your parents or siblings walked in, you’d act like you weren’t doing anything. “…GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!

You know you did it. Some of us still do from time to time.

I tweeted last night that my daughter, Ellie, is now into Justin Bieber. And by that I mean she just likes the song ‘Baby’. She won’t cry if she meets him or die if she doesn’t. She just really likes the song.


Well, during her bathtime, we played the song (via Daddy’s iPad) at LEAST four times and each time that chorus came on, her little voice got loud with joy and glee. She has no clue what she’s singing about, she simply loves the ‘OHHHHH’ and ‘NOOOOOO’ parts! And it was adorable. She then got into her pyjamas, found a mirror and went to Funky Town, with jumping and dancing…all while watching her own moves.

(Check Ellie’s Bieber dance right here.)

And it brought me back to dancing in my room or basement to Kris Kross’ ‘Jump‘, MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This and yes, ‘Hanging Tough‘ by the New Kids. During those moments, nothing could bring me down. In a good mood? Get your David Bowie on and “Let’s Dance”! Bad mood? Time to get my ‘Hot Rod’ on and Punch dance out my rage (if you haven’t seen this movie, you need to. So irreverent. So stupid. So funny!).

Now that I am an adult, that dancing on my own with completely lack of fear is mostly replaced by two-stepping around the house (although, on a really good day…). But Ellie reminds me, there are some parts of my childhood that I should never lose. It’s still fun sometimes to jump up and down and dance til you drop.

And I have to thank Justin Bieber for that. Oh man, that hurts…

So…comments! What song still gets you moving after all this time???


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