More Than A Voice (A Note to Becca)

Happy Mother’s Day, Becca!

I gave off the wrong impression…

When I first met Rebecca I wasn’t trying to prove anything to her. Normally when I liked a girl, I would show off and am to be cooler than I already was at the time. Lots of loud jokes, extra hand movements (I grew up among the French in Montreal) and looking to see if she was watching.

But I wasn’t thinking that when I met her. I was thinking, “That girl with the Capstone shirt is really quiet.” She thought of me, “wow, he is a a beautiful man.” Okay, she actually thought, “why is he sooooooo loud????”

Over time, we became acquaintances then friends. She could always sing and everyone knew that but she was always more than a “voice” to me. She was quirky, smart, funny, driven, hard-working (ask her if you know her about how long it took her to write a paper. Then after laughing, ask her about the average grade she’d get. Then kick yourself.), and pretty darn cute (that’s a whole other blog…). I remember being nervous about leading worship in front of our peers at school and how she was like, “you got this” and how she would teach me about worship leading, speaking, etc.

When we got engaged, Becca was pastoring somewhere and doing a great job at it, despite the many roadblocks in her path. I remember calling her to let her know about the position availability at APC and while she didn’t say it, I know that in her head and heart, she knew that her days of doing ministry on her terms were over. She’d never say it but she felt it. Yet she gave up her job and that life to be my wife and be my partner in what we do now.

That role has gone from being right with me week in and out to whenever she can because of our little one Ellie and her beautiful propencity for drawing attention to herself but she’s always supported, always corrected when I needed stand and always reminded me of the call and the mission. My first four years at APC wouldn’t have been half as fun if we weren’t at it together.

I typed this because in two instances (well, TECHNICALLY three, if you count two services) Becca sang at APC. And well. Well, better than well. Awesome. And I know that the majority of people who sat under her talent and ministry would have only seen a voice (something that always worries Becca), I saw the mother of my kid, the love of my life, the one who gave up her dream to partner into mine and I was her biggest fan.

Sacrifice, when it is properly recognized, should remind us of what we have and what we’ve been given (Maybe that’s why people hit churches up on Easter like lineups for iPad). It should cause us to do more than be happy but cause us to see where we would be without it. Also, it should bring out of us heartfelt thanks, gratitude and desire to pay it back somehow. I see and know how much Becca has given up for me…and for that, I say thank you. I will never be able to fully repay you for it but I will work my life to try.

You will never be just a voice to me. You will be my best friend, my equal, my love, my joke tester, my honesty reader, Ellie’s mommy, my dance partner, my same TV show lover, my teacher, my compass and my reminder of a Greater Sacrifice.

And you will always be the reminder that i don’t know where your keys are.


3 thoughts on “More Than A Voice (A Note to Becca)

  1. I love you.
    I would rather have you cheering me on in the little things than to be successful at anything on my own, apart from you…

    And you WERE loud! So loud! My first memory of you: you were throwing pinecones at David Dwarka & yelling, “Black on black violence!”

    Also, what have I told you about making me cry with these blogs? Don’t do it!

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