D.N.A. of a Man of God…What Does it Even Mean??

That guy is a man of God!

Lately I’ve been thinking about that statement and its significance. What does it mean to be a man of God?

What defines someone as a man of God? It is an Old Testament term used often to describe someone who represented God’s voice to his people. Here’s how I’ve heard people describe it along my travels in life today:

  • Someone who preaches well.
  • Someone who leads well during adversity.
  • Someone who knows their Bible and prays a lot.
  • Someone who acts with integrity.
  • Someone who “looks” like Jesus.
Now I don’t have a PROBLEM with these definitions per se but I wonder if our definition is more “cultural” than “biblical”. I mean…
  • I know people who preach REALLY well on a variety of subjects but are really mean once they are off the pulpit. Is that man of God-ish?
  • I know people who lead well in front of people but can’t lead their bank books. Is that man of God-ish?
  • I know men who can quote scripture and seek the face of God daily but in their reading and seeking, they justify their prejudices and hurtful actions. That is definitely NOT man of God-ish, right?
  • I know men who look like Jesus but don’t act like him…is acting man of God-ish?
I’ve also noticed that much (not ALL but a lot) that has to do with being a man of God has to do with LEADING or something that many others can see. What about the guy who isn’t an upfront person but is never late when they are needed to serve? Or the dad who spends time teaching their kid a hobby or skill? Or the man who quietly opens doors for someone or buys someone’s lunch just because? Or the man who is able to successfully manage his checkbook, taking care of their tithing and bills with precision? Is that man of God material or is it only leading someone to Jesus over coffee? What of the man who cares for his wife or lives right until his wife comes? Or who is a good friend?
If you had to build a man of God template or a book of ‘skills towards man of God-ism’, what would be in it? Ladies, if you were building a man of God, what would he carry? What would he be like? Is it enough for him to be a man of God outside of the home but not kind inside? Or vise-versa? I’m rambling here now…
The reason I’m writing this is because at some point, my Ellie (and quite possibly my second daughter if Becca’s prediction of a boy is wrong) is going to bring a boy home and he might ask for her hand in marriage. Before all of that though, she’ll ask me (and her mom) what kind of guy she should be looking for…eek. And even MORE scary is that he might be a bit like ME…
So then, what should a man of God look like in our current culture? What’s top on YOUR list? What’s not so important? Please comment, share and ponder with me.
P.S. – I’ve also noticed that my generation (and younger) throw around terms that we heard growing up (like man of God) without really knowing what they mean. Like it says in Rococo by Arcade Fire states, we’re “using great big words that we don’t understand…”
P.P.S. – My fellow men, don’t worry about being crowned a ‘man of God’ by someone. Just serve…Micah 6:8, yo. Last
P.P.P.S – Maybe I’m just venting because I’m tired of seeing guys think that if they read a few verses, they are good. Without purposeful intergration of what one reads but way of action, it’s words. And I’m TIRED of seeing people put their families on the back burner for ministry things, cool tweets quotes and the like.

9 thoughts on “D.N.A. of a Man of God…What Does it Even Mean??

  1. A man of God would look like a warrier, wearing the helmet of Salvation, with the breastplate of Righteousness, the sword which is the Word of God, the belt of Truth, sheild of Faith, and shoes of Peace which comes from spreading the Good News. (not quoted just from memory Eph.6) And most of all, the man of God would display love, AGAPE love. When you meet him, no one has to tell you he is a man of God because you would know, just by being in his presence.

    • Good thoughts. I STILL think there’s more to it though…we often go right to the God stuff (not saying that’s BAD) and leave it there instead of making it the foundation for someone’s life. I hope that good men are seen as men of God playing with their kids in the park as much as witnessing to someone. That each flow out of him out of the foundation you mentioned. Thanks for the comment and for reading!

      • Agreed. Pastor Liz told me when I started in ministry…first comes God, then comes family, then comes ministry. So yes, men of God would be seen playing with thier little ones at the park, taking them to the doctor, reading to them before they sleep, walking along the sidewalk with a stroller, struggling to do their childrens hair 😉

  2. Hey Chris. I encourage you, in light of being a father who wants to be the one Ellie looks to when it comes to finding her man, to consider Mark Driscoll’s method with his daughters. He takes them on Daddy dates. A big part of it is simply encouraging that close relationship between father and daughter. But more than that you have the opportunity to set the standard for how a future boy will act while on a “date” with Ellie. Take the opportunity to teach her how a “Man of God” should act around her if the guy really loves her. …just a thought. I hope to do it if I ever have a daughter.

    • Sorry Trevor… I’ve specifically asked my husband not to emulate Mark Driscoll in any way 😉 Just joking… mostly.
      Daddy daughter dates are ALMOST as important as mommy daddy dates. If Ellie doesn’t see dad courting mom, even as old married people, how will she know what it looks like? TV? Movies? Peers? Lord, I hope it’s from us.
      Maybe it’s selfish… but I think how dad treats mom is the standard, not how dad treats daughter.

      • Good thoughts Becca. I however think there is a place for both. Yes, you need to emulate a good relationship to Ellie through your relationship with Chris. But what better time to put words of encouragement and advice in your daughter’s ear than when you’re spending regular quality time.

        As for your dislike for Driscoll… I know he’s not perfect. But he’s got a lot of good things to say too. On relationships and male character, I appreciate his candor and bluntness. I find myself still listening to his podcasts… Rob Bell I stopped listening to a couple years ago. Still listening to him?

    • Hey Trev, thanks for comment. I think the overall message for the post was lost in translation though:) I’m not looking at this for myself. I’m hoping to as my question stated, create dialogue on what a man of God looks like. I’m pretty comfortable in my definition, which I won’t post till later, but I think many others have one that is pretty skewed or one sided.
      As for daddy daughter dates, I don’t think good ol Mark has the corner or one up on that expression of love. My first daddy daughter date was a few hours after Ellie was born and I’m currently on one now =). And the Mrs is right on that showing love to the wife is a great way to teach and prepare.
      Ultimately the question is still out there: what makes a man of God a man of God. What for the one without daughters or even a spouse? Any thoughts?

      • Yes. My apologies for only commenting on one small aspect of your post. I know how important Ellie is to you, so I thought I’d put it out there.

        Man of God… that’s tough. Titles scare me as they usually lead to pride, and inevitably a fall. As for who I would silently call a man of God in my head from a distance, if I have any around me, I’m not aware of them. Perhaps that’s harsh. Some I simply don’t know well enough to make such a judgment. Because it’s an intimate thing, a matter of who we are when no one’s looking, perhaps only a spouse or family member can truly say.

        I serve about 130 missionaries all around the world. Out of all of them that I know well enough to make such a judgment, I can pick out only a handful that I would make such a judgment. I think it’s defined (loosely) as someone who has obvious fruit from their faith, and who no matter what is always trying to improve themselves as a follower of Christ.

        I’m interested to hear your definition. peace.

      • I think integrity is a big thing. I don’t care who someone is in front of people, to be honest. I do to a point, but that don’t make no one nothing. Are they kind to the cashier when the line is long? Are they loving to their family? Do they listen more than speak. The title of man of God was used to describe someone who was God’s representative, so it came with huge responsibilities. That would be wherever they were, they were living examples of God.

        That’s something I think of often. Am I working on getting better, not to bring attention to myself or my kingdom, but always his. If people who don’t know me see me, will they see His character shine through? But I would never say it about myself as in “I am a…”. I’d always strive for it though. I think that if people said it of me, I’d respond with humility right away.

        That’s a bit of my thought process…

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