Thoughts, Questions and Musings

…Well it has been quite some time since my last post. Life this summer made me really reevaluate what I should write about. So I’ve decide to simply write out what my mind (and Becca as my sound board) literally goes through  throughout a given week. I wish I was like some bloggers/tweeters/writers who only and always spoke about spiritual matters. And by spiritual I mean, it’s always a sermon/leadership line/book quote, etc. I’m just not that guy…simply because I don’t find it realistic. So, here’s a glimpse of what my brain chugs out, along with FOOTNOTES* (I am so excited about footnotes) to explain a bit more of where I am coming from. I’ve written out a bunch and will post a new one every week or so. Some are smart, snappy and yes spiritual in word form. Others are random but no less spiritual. Read on if you like…


…also, after next week’s (or so…) post, I will no longer be promoting this blog on Twitter or Facebook. Knowing that it charts readers kills my self-esteem (great post: lots of reads. Not many reads: Fetal postion.) I’d rather not know anymore.

* I’m still learning the BEST way to use footnotes here. Right now it’s copy and paste from Microsoft Word. Sadly it means that you can’t click on the [1] to get to the footnote (meaning you’ll have to scroll). I’ll get that fixed for next weeks. Cheers.


Nickelback is the worst band in the world. Period.

If your kid says, “You can play for five more minutes, right?”, you always can.[1]

When life is at its worst, your true friends graduate to family.

Laughing is a great exercise that you need to do more of.

The Bible without prayer is a book. The Bible with prayer is food.

More people need to watch toddlers and tiaras. Then mail TLC and complain that they are promoting child labour.[2]

Question: are hoarders just people who are really bad at selling things on EBay?

Saying “TOO SOOOOON?” is always appropriate and will ALWAYS BE FUNNY.[3]

Drake’s voice is annoying. He needs Sinutab.[4]

People have Tom Cruise all wrong. He is a scientologist because he’s short. Sheesh.

Purple Rain would be scary if it really happened. For real.

In some countries, Tebowing is a crime. In others, it’s simply taking a knee.

Fist pumping is never appropriate at a funeral.

Who really let the dogs out? Cause most people are scared of dogs that are simply running without leeshes. So the person who let them out should be jailed.

A failure of any kind (emotional, moral, physical, etc) always stems from a spiritual failure.

When your wife gives you the look, drop everything and anything and go.[5]

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? A day’s worth. That’s my guess.

Hipsters are secretly not cool to themselves. And openly not cool to everyone else.[6]

If you are ever on Maury, your life took a real dark turn.

Thought: What if everyone knew Clark Kent was Superman but didn’t want to hurt his self-worth and his “identity issues” so they went along with the “Who CLARK? No way…” thing just because?

Accountability after the fact is confession.[7]

Learned lesson from season 8 of The Office: never overstay your welcome.

I plan to punish my son when he’s older not through timeouts but through repeated views of Transformers 3.[8]

If someone asks you “who do you think you are?” just stare at them until they give you an answer. Then promptly disagree.

Most of these thoughts will date themselves soon. One thing will remain the same: Nickelback will be the benchmark or mediocrity. Forever.[9]


[1] Being late for something because you were playing with your kids is always worth it. You have to go back home to your family, not your meeting. Just saying.
[2] Why a parent would get fake teeth for a kid is astounding.
[3] Example: “It’s a shame people don’t use Windows XP anymore.” Right then drop a “Too Sooooooon” and lift your right hand up. If you don’t get a high five within 5 seconds, your friends need to become your EX-friends.
[4] Remember when he was Jimmy on Degrassi? Remember the ORIGINAL Degrassi? That show made getting home after school before 4:30 PM worth it. That and Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Truth.
[5] I’m not kidding. Life with kids makes LIFE challenging…so when the look is in the eyes, make your move.
[6] How low can your V-Neck goooooo?
[7] Not that confession isn’t good. But how much less things would we need to confess if we were accountable before we did anything…think on it.
[8] What are some other horrible movies that I can use here? I’m also thinking the Left Behind movie. That was so horrible it was Hor-RA-ble.
[9] Come on history, prove me wrong. Tell me you won’t cringe in 2036 when you here “This is How You Remind Me” or “Rockstar” on the AM Torture and Oldies station.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts, Questions and Musings

  1. Nice, I like the new direction, not that my opinion matters. Writing for yourself is what counts. You made me laugh a couple of times and for me that is just a bonus. Thanks for sharing. By the way I hear you about the Analytics part of a blog, I too have experienced highs and lows following them, especially when I think what I have written is really worth sharing. But then I check myself and remember I write for me, not the claps of the masses.

  2. Here’s the torturous thing about Nickleback. As much as people with great taste in music can agree that they are horrible, the continually win awards and their music gets stuck in your head like a round of “It’s the song that never ends”.

    I’m catching up on your newest posts because I fail at reading sometimes, saw they were up and said maybe tomorrow, that was a few yesterdays ago.

    Number 5 should be in scripture somewhere, like honestly guys who don’t respond when their wife has the look must have the flu or something.

    Great stuff Chase, glad to have your voice back on the interwebs!

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