Things Everyone Should Think And Do. Yes, that means YOU too!

Hey friend,

Here’s more things that have been clogging my brain lately. Hope it causes you to laugh, think, get mad, question my sanity and whatever else. To have an idea of what I’m doing and how I’m writing, check out last week’s post. Please note: For the next 4 weeks, I won’t be responding to comments found here so don’t be offended if you don’t hear back from me. I will do so in four weeks

This is also the last week that I will be promoting this blog on Twitter or Facebook. So to be updated, subscribing might be a good idea.

* Footnotes are still a problem (I don’t know how to work code, so please have patience. I might also move to Tumblr (easier footnote interface) so please weight in and let me know what you think!


Note to self: Becca’s feet are always cold and she will always put her feet on yours at night. Be smart. Wear socks. She hates the feeling of socks. Ha ha…you win, Chase.

Whoever said two kids are easier than one deserves a swift kid to the midsection. Then wet willied.[1]

I need to keep my video camera fully charged…I sense a TRIPLE rainbow coming.

Kanye was right. Bey’s video was better. He should have just tweeted it. [2]

Laziness promotes your dumbest decisions. Stay up and alert.

Annoying pet peeve: Soccer moms who use the word “swag”. [3]

Note to self: No matter what anyone says, you look good in skinny red jeans.[4]

There was a time in the history of mankind…when the Black Eyed Peas were a credible musical group. That was never the case for Nickelback. Ever.

Things that the church don’t speak about in public, get struggled with in private and then get blown up in public. Something to be learned here…

This may sound mean but: Sometimes my daughter smells. I love her but it’s true. It’s not all the time…more like 8% to 15% of the time. But I’ll cuddle with her anyhow, smells and all.

Speaking of smells: When Liam poops it smells like old Kraft macaroni and cheese. That’s a bad sign for Kraft if that’s the comparison I have.

We have Big Poppa and Lil’ Wayne. We need a M.I.D. (Mad Issues Dude) Uncle Frank. Any takers?[5]

If you haven’t seen the video of the pastor calling a little kid a midget, you haven’t truly laughed. At all. In life.[6]

If you don’t like waffles, we can never be friends. Period.

If God be for us, who can be against us. I love that the answer is no one.

It’s never too late to return something at a store. Just keep your receipt, go into the store and start crying. The louder you get, the quicker the return/exchange.

Christian or not: If you hear the instrumental or song “Jump Around”, you go nuts.

[1] For some people it is…good for you. Want a medal?!
[2] And it would have been the best tweet of all time…of ALL time. I wish we still had College Dropout Kanye…
[3] Sit around a Chapters in a day and you’ll hear it 10 times before they all get in their Volvo SUVs.
[4] It’s your last attempt at being young. After that, it’s Cosby sweaters.
[5] Other rap names: Short Felix, Tall Dezrin, Dwarf Freddy.
[6] Wait till you hear the sigh at the end. Oh man!!

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