Things I am anticipating (and things I am dreading) throughout the summer of 2012


  1. BBQing and hanging out on my balcony with my family[1]
  2. Drinking lemonade and pink lemonade.[2]
  3. Finding new excuses for NOT going to the Toronto Zoo with my family.[3]
  4. Dealing with the fact the Miami Heat might win the NBA finals and how I’ll have to find a new favorite sport. I hope to look back on this post years from now and it not matter.
  5. Dark Knight Rises. Dark Knight Rises. Dark Knight Rises. Dark Knight Rises.
  6. Finding a babysitter so we can see Dark Knight Rises.
  7. Catching up on reading books.[4]
  8. Missing the Coldplay show OR spending an absurd amount of coin to see them because I’m dumb.[5]
  9. Watching Ellie grow up. That’s a mixed bag of anticipation and sadness.
  10.  “Hey Liam! You gonna be sitting up by August? Let’s get that moving, son!!”[6]
  11.  Watching Becca get ready for a new adventure career-wise. She’s my hero.
  12.  Holiday (pause). Celebrate (pause).
  13.  Discovering new music of all kids.[7]
  14.  Finally finding out what all the fuss is by watching Downton Abbey.
  15.  Finally buying a bike. I haven’t had one since my MTL days.[8]
  16.  The summer breeze…because it makes me feel fine.
  17.  Shorts, fedoras and loafers with no socks. Summer styles, yo.
  18.  Late nites playing Draw Something with Becca. Because I suck at art, it makes her laugh and I love her laugh.

[1] We had a charcoal BBQ last year and due to my lack of patience, didn’t use it. Now we went back to gas and we’re cooking, man!! I also convinced the guys at Home Depot to put my under $299 BBQ together for free, which is against their policy. Hahaha!!

[2] Lemonade in the fall is wrong. Pink lemonade is just color but it’s awesome. Lemonade is the drink of summer. Fun fact: Ellie calls it lelomade. Cute.

[3] Not because I hate spending time with my family (see #1) but because I hate the zoo. I really do. Sadly, Becca bought a zoo membership and we have to (appearantly) make the most of it. I think the universe hates me. Also: the zoo.

[4] Books on deck: Zone One (Fiction), Bonhofffer (Biography), Primal (Spiritual), Leaders Who Last (leadership), Don’t Put Me In Coach (Sports/Humor), The Problem of Pain (CS Lewis) and a couple more…

[5] Their last album didn’t have as many concert bangers as Viva but it’ll still be a great show. Then again, I saw U2 last summer. Church!

[6] Becca and I are sure that he’ll forgo crawling and just start walking. He’s a tank. Cray.

[7] Just got the new Lecrae mixtape, the latest Common, The Vespers and Dave Matthews has new stuff coming in the fall but singles that come out this summer!!

[8] I never had a really good bike. They were either hand me downs or busted up things. I’d just like something I could then attach one of them carts on the back for the kids.