Random Thoughts for This Day…

…It’s quite disturbing that people still use rollerblades to travel. It’s so impractical: You need to have shoes in a bag THEN carry your blades everywhere? Dumb.

…Four Weddings on TLC is one of my favorite new shows. You know its good, man.

#seewhatIdidthere is my new favorite hashtag, especially when it makes no sense at all to what I’m trying to say…seewhatIdidthere? Exactly my point.

…So people still use pay phones? Does that mean that I should bring back out my pager? Cause THAT won’t make me look creepy at ALL, right?

…Facebook isn’t cool anymore.

…I’m really loving reading 2 Psalms a day (aka #2aday). If you’re not doing it yet, you should try it out.

…The Dark Knight Rises is…I have no words…

…I think I’m enjoying bright skinny jeans more than I should. I tell ya, I’m the straight black Blaine from Glee.

…Being back on Twitter has made blogging random thoughts a bit harder because now they’re being tweeted rather than blogged.

…As we get older everything gets too loud.

…I really need to use “bro” more in sentences and greetings.

…I wish we knew more possible babysitters in our area so Becca and I could do more dates. I miss dating my wife. There’d be a problem if I didn’t.

…I need a summer TV show to go with my 30 for 30 documentaries…any ideas or suggestions?

…LeBron winning a championship is a direct reminder that games aren’t won on the floor. They’re won in executive suits by old dudes who were good at calculus or finding oil. But by no means am I hating.

…Dark Knight Rises…Dark Knight Rises…Dark Knight Rises…Dark Knight Rises…Dark Knight Rises…

…If I could travel back in time, I’d go back to 3 mins ago and plugged my laptop so it wouldn’t die mid sen


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