Back to Blogging With More Footnotes & Hating on WordPress.

So it’s been quite some time since my last post…

In fact it’s been quite some time since I really blogged out…and by that I mean have at LEAST a post a week. A couple of factors speak to that:

1 – I felt for a time that I lost my voice. Did I want to be a serious blogger? A God blogger[1]?A Seinfeldian Observational Blogger? I’m still figuring it out.

2 – I got busy. New little kid, taller older kid, prego/then non-prego but recovering/then back to fun normal wifey, laundry, friends, calling, hating on LeBron, 31, TDKR, iPad, Jack & Jones, distractions and other things that kept me occupied.

3 – Ideas never came out on wax. I had a great blog about buying a girl’s shirt from old navy[2], but I just never sat down to write it out…I knew the format (letter). I knew the tone (obvious sarcasm). I  alsoknew the result (Old Navy apologizes, I go on Ellen, I then star on a reality tv show as the Black Christian Guy with a chip on his shoulder but a heart of gold in the end…see what I missed out on?).

4 – I stopped reading. Reading, i think, inspires writing. And I stopped. Partially because what I would have read would have convicted my current life state and I didn’t want to deal with that. Partially because reading at home with 2 kids and a wife is tough during NFL/NBA season. Partially because I was too lazy to make time to watch something of substance. And partially because Becca makes fun of my books. I still love her though!

5 – I hate WordPress. That came out wrong. What I meant to say is…I hate the WordPress state. I want to use footnotes like my FAVORITE website, edited by The Book of Basketball’s Bill Simmons[3]. I really want to have cool footnotes so I can ramble on justifiably without feeling like I am boring you, the faithful reader. But the way it works on WordPress, you need to be a stinking programer to know how and it’s stupid and dumb and should be easier, WordPress. If I could find a better blog site, I would be on it today.

So those are my reasons for not blogging lately. That being said, the last two blogs I’ve written have been nicely received…that being said, when sex is a topic, it’ll get readers, i guess. So I’m going to try to do this right. Here’s where I’ll need your help. Keep me accountable. When I haven’t written in a while, email/write/call/tweet me. This writing thing is like a muscle and if it’s not used, it goes into atrophy, which is where I feel it’s been for the better part of a year.

So the rebuilding begins (major statement that requires follow through)! Here are some of the topics I plan to write about:

– My beard’s growth and how much it will annoy Becca while inspiring millions to grow their facial hair for no real good reason.
– Mark 12:29-32 (How I hope to improve my life in the heart/mind/soul/strength/neighbour sense.)
– My fear that LeBron is as good as I always feared.
– Life with wifey and the kids.
– Trying to go the gym.
– My angry letter to Old Navy (which is the ugly cousin to the preppy Banana Republic, btw.)
– The greatest cartoon heroes, specifically from the 1980’s, which is in my opinion the golden age of cartoons.
– Lines from books I like because I am against putting lines from books on twitter or facebook.
– Teaching Liam to appreciate manly things and creating Ellie to be an olympian.
– More epic fails.

…Those are some of them. So it’ll be fun times. Or an mitigated disaster. And if there is one thing we know about our pop cultured/reality tv’ed society, nothing is better than the underdog doing something cool. Like a blog.

To di world!


PS – Sign up via email to get these blog posts mailed to ya! It’ll be worth is!!

[1] And man there are enough of those “here’s what  He showed me/Here’s what you need to know/Here’s the new revelation/What’s wrong with the church…yadda yadda yadda blogs. Not dissing them. Just saying.

[2] Which I have hereby boycotted along with Canadian Tire for no real good reason

[3] Bill’s book, after the Bible, is my favorite piece of literature. I know others have CS Lewis, Warren or Augustine, Rowling or Meyer or that Fifty Shades Chick…I have Simmons.


3 thoughts on “Back to Blogging With More Footnotes & Hating on WordPress.

    • Hey Micah,

      To do that I’d have to go pro which means paying coin. The plugins don’t work for the free one, which I am on and which is super annoying. It’s FOOTNOTES, not…a HOUSE.

      Bad example but I still don’t like it!

      • You can get your own self-hosted site for around $5-7/month. It costs money… But maybe that’s the motivation to get you writing more often…to make it worth it. And it’s just plain fun to play around with.

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