#beardwatch continues – Little Wiskers

It’s almost two weeks since I’ve decided to go the hippy/hipster route and grow my beard out. This past sunday after handling the teaching aspect of our service, one of our junior high’s said to me “From far you look like James Harden!” Well, I did what any good man would do: I promoted the heck out of my blog! And my Flickr account, which is documenting each day through the art of narcissistic photography (I mean is there anything more annoying than someone taking a pic of themselves? Oh wait, you do that all the time? Oh…nevermind then…)

Now that I’m actually going through with this, I’ve noticed how there are three camps of people. In the first camp there are the non-believers, those who are not only disgusted by my endeavor but who make it a point to discourage me from pursuing this passion project (ooh…deep…real deep, Chase)! From them I get a lot of “Gross” and “Yuck” and “WHYYYYYYYY?“. Then I have the second camp, filled with people who are confused but supportive. They themselves would never do such a task but they’ll holla at a brother while he gets his beard on. They also send examples of what my beard could end up looking like. Then in third camp is my friend Drew, who is doing this with me. Shout outs to you Drew Oliphant. My Beard will still be better than yours. It should be noted that the first camp is all women, led of course by my wifey (Ellie doesn’t seem to care either way) and that the second camp is all gents. I’m a fan of the second camp, as you can imagine!

Challenges of week 2:

1 – I remember WAY back when I grew my hair out for braiding purposes. Yes, I got my Lil Bow Bow on and rocked Cornrows, Singles and the like when they were the IN thing (I look at braids now like I view wearing doo-rags out of the house: nostalgic and high maintenance.). Anyhow, there was that long stretch before the hair was fully braidable when it was just a gross fro. Combing it out was a hassle, patting it down was a hassle, trimming it to keep even…everything was a hassle…and that was 4-6 months. I’m starting to feel that with the beard. Before it gets to epic state, it’s just gonna be there, slowly taking over my face. Yes, it’s fun to conditioner and moisterize it but still I’ll be into December or January before I get to that, “Dude this is awesome” point. So keeping motivated is key.

2 – I keep on losing my picks. I have 4 of them: 2 at home, one at the office and one roamer. Yet I keep on misplacing them all the time. This past Saturday I had to teach at our Saturday night service without a combed beard. WITHOUT. My mom would be furious (at least I think she would…she got mad when I didn’t comb my hair, so I’m guessing it just translates.)

3 – I have found the moustache hairs annoying though. It’s like a constant itch up my nose.


1 – I’m still kissable, according to Wifey…at least for now. Yup, the bearded one has STILL got it. Ohhhh yeahhhhh (self hi-five)

2 – This movement is giving me some cool t-shirt ideas.

And lastly, tweets of the week! This is where I will post tweets sent by my friends concerning my beard (if there are any). If you’re following me, click on their links to see the pics they attach (My buddy Bombay put one up of the guy from TV on the Radio. I will keep mine cleaner than that BUT his beard girth is something to behold!!!). There are lots so I’m putting up a few at a time. Don’t be offended if yours isn’t here. There are still 300+ days to go!!





Thanks Matt Joy and Matt Bombay for some good pics that I’ve added into this blog and Brendan Witton for promoting this blog to your many followers. The more supporters the better. And if you’re thinking about growing your beard out or promoting the blog, use the #beardwatch hashtag!

I continue to beard for the beardless!



PS. Along with this, I’m also reading a lot. Here’s my current read list: The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler, Liston and Ali by Bob Mee, Soul Print by Mark Batterson, The Book of Negros by Lawrence Hill and Eyes Wide Open by Mark Romanoski.

PPS. I also hope to get a next blog up that is not related to my beard on getting back in shape. It’s coming along…like my beard…see what I did there?!


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